Saturday, March 8, 2008

Washington DC

Last week, I got a random call from Lockheed Martin telling me they wanted to fly me out to Washington DC and interview me. I happily obliged. I flew in on Thursday night at about 9 PM. I stayed in the Sheraton in Crystal City. I spent that first night just walking around and exploring. There is a HUGE underground mall thing that spiders its way through all of Crystal City. I also bought myself dinner at a fancy seafood place called Legal Seafood at Steven's suggestion. I spent $45 all on myself, payable to Lockheed Martin.

The next morning I had my interviews from 9-12. They went fine, we'll see if I get any offers. The real exciting part was afterwards. I went back to my hotel, checked out, and had them hold my bags for me. Then at about 1:15 or so (I had to be back by 3-3:30 to catch my flight), I took off on the Metro for downtown DC. I knew I didn't have much time, so I just literally ran from building to building. I think I set a record for the number of national monuments seen in such a short time. I ran all the way around the Capitol Building, and then to the Washington Monument and on to the Lincoln Memorial (straight line from the Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial is over 2 miles). I made quick stops at the Smithsonian Air & Space thing, the Library of Congress, and some other small monuments. When I was finally done, it was like 3:15, and there was no way I would get back on time on the Metro. So I went up to a taxi driver, told him I only had $7 and asked if he'd take me to my hotel anyway. He did without a problem.

It was great to see all those sites. The architecture is incredible, unlike anything I've seen on the West Coast. It is one thing to see that stuff in pictures, but quite another to see and experience it all in real life. Thanks Lockheed Martin, I appreciate it.

What you see are pictures I took from my cell phone. It was raining pretty hard as you can tell, and I got fairly wet. I had no time, so I just went to the airport wet. It was fun.


Julie/mom said...

I am amazed your phone camera can take such great pictures! And you are such a smarty to figure out how to upload them on to the computer.

Thanks for the post and pictures.

Steven said...

I love how every picture is almost exactly the same, just a different monument in the background.

Nana said...

Yes, Christopher, you are a smarty. Thanks for the internet. I hope you come to dinner on Easter Sunday. Please let me know - and bring CHASE! That doesn't mean to exclude Steven. I love you all

Nana said...

I forgot to say anything about DC. I love it and hope you work there in the future. May be working there will make you lonely enough to get yourself a wife! Anyway, we have a great heritage. To think, all those wonderful men didn't step foot there but they are remembered for their wonderful services to us as a nation. I want to barf to think that HILLARY could replace George Washington!!