Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just For Griffin!

Griffin is EIGHT today!

We love you Griffin!

Love your sweetness; helpful attitude, always ready with a hug!

You are entertaining, a joy to be around.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

For Future Reference

The Rams have a Good Defense and they're getting better. So if you need to describe how bad something is don't be like dad and say "lousy, like the Rams" or I"ll bring up the stats. Last year, the Rams had 12th best defense, while Dad's beloved Philadelphia Jailbirds and Showboats had the 21st! that's worse than the Raiders! (but not as bad as the 23rd ranking Colts). And if you DO diss on the Rams it's very likely they'll punish your teams starting QB for it because they had the 7th most sacks last year. That's more than anyone else's favorite team. So back off or suffer! (Only Quinn has no need to fear this; Jay Cutler getting injured isn't exactly going to have Chicago fans crying themselves to sleep...)

Also, my Free Agency predictions
Rams: They sign DT Barry Coefield (alt guess: Brandon Mebane). They sign RB Darren Sprolles (alt guess: Steve Slaton). They sign G Harvey Dahl. They sign S Quinton Mikell. They resign WR Mark Clayton and get no other WR's.

QB's: Cardinals trade for Kevin Kolb (I hope: Marc Bulger). Seahawks resign Matt Hasselbeck (I hope: trade for Carson Palmer) Vikings get Donovan Mcnabb. Kyle Orton starts in Denver

Nnamdi Asomugha: goes to the Buccaneers (alt guess: Texans).

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Greatest Show on Earth!

We were invited to the Ringling Bros. circus today, Thursday. We were given box seats, free parking pass; VIP status! Nice for us, and thanks to Catherine!

Chase, Zak, Kylie, Griffin and I went. Quinn is at Scout camp having a GREAT time, I am sure.

It was held in the Staples Center:

a view from our seats

Some of the retired Laker's Jerseys:

On of the first things the Ringling Bros. did to start the circus was to have us all STAND while the Star Spangled Banner was sung. An elephant walked around the ring in honor of our flag.

The circus in full swing!

A daring tight rope act!

It was a fun and GREAT adventure!

Glad we got to go!

Las Vegas

Kerry and I celebrated

30 years of marriage

last week!


We both thought 30 years sounded like a lot,

but it felt very short.

So, on Tuesday of this week, we drove to Las Vegas!

We stayed at the MGM Grand

While there we saw the Statue of Liberty

Well, we saw it from the perspective of the Hotel New York, New York
It was fun to see them more up close instead of "zooming" by on the freeway.

We walked down the strip, ended up in the Paris Hotel.


I used the "facilities". They were lovely and I took a picture:

Really, these are bathroom stalls!

These are the beautiful sinks where you wash your hands:

We had a great time. Stayed one night.

Enjoyed the Lazy River Pool.

Out by the pool, reading, swimming.

No pictures of the celebratory people....

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I'm hungry, it's dinner time and Mom and Dad are gone on their anniversary trip.
I don't know If I'm gonna make it

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Zak DID Graduate!

Ok, I am trying to catch you up, slowly, not to overwhelm, on what's been going on!

It was a GREAT night. I took about 100 pictures.

NOW, just to keep you current...

I had a 2 minute pow wow this morning.

I just wanted to speak the words and warn my children on the dangers of drugs, smoking, alcohol. Who knows who will be addicted to it? Besides, it is in no way good for you. So, that was my warning.

Griffins comment: Mom, did you know that someone on the Yankees cheated by doing drugs?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This is Steven on his last day of being 25. Enjoy your 26!!