Saturday, November 29, 2008

No TD's for Steven :(

Observations from Griffin's P O V

Griffin asked to have a cinnamon roll. I got it for him. Much later, I found his remnants. I guess what he really should have asked for was some yummy frosting with a little cinnamon roll.
Hours later than that, I went looking for Griffin, hoping to find him asleep in my bed. This is what I found. He has seen Zak and Kylie (well, and CJ) walking around in the house with jackets/sweatshirts. He wanted to get in on the action. Does he look tired?

Are You Having Gas?

Apparently, my blog at was marked as spam!
I guess the "markers" thought there was too much irrelevant, repetitive, or nonsensical text, along with a large number of links, usually all pointing to a single site.

Ha Ha!

If "they" had just taken 30 seconds to read my nonsensical writing they would see what that site is exactly all about. I really have used that site to help me learn about the blog world without ruining any of my real blogs. They name was happily supplies by my children. Clever.

I had a note attached to that blog that told me all of this. I requested they review my sweet havegas blog so it can be unlocked and posted upon again. I guess with all of it's 177 hits it is quite the draw.

Friday, November 28, 2008

PICTURES - Turkey Bowl & Thanksgiving (Food & People)

Pictures tell 1000 words, so here you go -

Kylie was throwing the football around (she is pretty good at it!)She was throwing the ball to Sharron Luna

The Turkey Bowl Players

Turkey Bowl Action

A Huddle - yes, that is Kerry in the blue shirt, blue shorts

Turkey Play

Now here they are with names!
(I just learned how to do this!)Zak & Quinn

Quinn in the left side of the picture making a TOUCHDOWN!

Turkey Bowl Cole Players
(well, not Griffin, but soon!)
The Meal
(That is Sylvia, Gil's cousin, that you can't see right by Christopher)

Tanner, Kylie & Griffin sitting at their own table

A table of rolls!
4 dozen regular rolls
60 cinnamon rolls

Enjoy this video because it shows Zak's blocking of Steven to MAKE SURE Steven did NOT make any Touchdowns so Zak WOULD win the bet! Apparently, Zak blocked Steven the whole game. Zak won the bet.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgving

Things I am thankful for:

A Grateful to be born in America
B Boys where are willing to carry me; Blogging
C Christopher for all of his knowledge of the Internet and
computers & for his scholarships; My camera
D Doctors who had the knowledge to fix my leg
E e-mail
F easily accessed food at the grocery store; friends
G Griffin who is still willing to sit on my lap and give me kisses and hugs
H Husband who is willing to be so helpful
I The Internet
J Julie’s (my) piano playing abilities and may they grow!
K Kylie who often has a good story to tell me
L Library
M Chase who is happily serving a mission; regular mail
N narcotics (Steven said to just think of a drug for each letter)
O opiates
P Parents who taught me the gospel
Q Quinn who is often the first to help during a “crisis”
R For great recipes and the ability to make them
S Steven for his willingness to work so hard and be on a scholarship; Spell check
T For the TIME together with my family
U Utah folk
V So Thankful for the ability to vote
W Husband who works so hard to provide for our family
X x-rays
Y Yea for children who watch TV & Movies with me
Z Zak who will text me during the day

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Bowl Practice

Be afraid, be VERY afraid!
Steven, Quinn and Zak have been practicing for the upcoming Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving!
I was busy cooking in the kitchen. I gave the camera to Griffin (!) he went out and took several of these pictures!
taken by Griffin; in the artsy style of Steven
taken by Griffin

taken by Griffin
This is one of the outcomes of all the football practice:

a close-up, just in case you missed it:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We Played Hooky

Griffin, Kylie and I went to Disneyland on Monday. It was WAY more crowded than I thought it would be, but we had fun knowing it cost us NOTHING!

Griffin is a surprisingly good that because he has had a lot of practice?

Kylie drove well too.

When you drive the cars, you are giving a "driver's license". We decided to take pictures to glue on our licenses. Here is Kylie's picture
Griffin's D.L. picture

Refrigerator Art

Entertain yourself while I am cooking - just move the magnets around to say something - it's fun. Sadly, we have noticed that the refrigerator art is not being saved, so no one else can see your clever work! The management feels bad about this, but does not know what to do...I will check with the higher ups.

Make your own Fridge at!

Thanksgiving Countdown

I saw a countdow to Christmas widget on the Harmon's blog. (I tried to show it here, but was sadly unable to make it work!) I am NOT ready to see that yet!

I need a Countdown to Thanksgiving or

  • a count up to how many rolls to make
  • count up to how many cinnomon rolls to make
  • how many trips I will have to make to the grocery store
  • maybe how many TD's the Cole family will make

Look what I found:

Widgets & Flash Toys

The boys came home last night; Yeah!

for laughs:

Talking Turkey

Sunday, November 23, 2008

News Flash

I just posted pictures (lots) on Chase's missionary site.

To see, go HERE.

Highland Oaks November Performance

Highland Oaks had a FIRST TIME November Musical Performance.

It was quite a thing, as it was GRIFFIN'S first time performing. He is my usual date, sits by me, and I try to help him see. This time he was on on the stage! So, please sit back, you have plenty of video to watch. Thank your lucky stars that the battery on my camera was almost out!

Kylie's Turn!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Eyes

I now have some new eyes. They had to do the 'PRK' one on my left eye because of some scar I have there. I found out he was changing things up like 5 minutes before I went in. But I can see much better now. This picture was taken like 45 seconds after I got out of surgery. They wasted no time - notice how my eyes look like I haven't slept in a week. My guess is part of that is the iodine they put all over the place.

Mom About Town

While getting gas on Friday ($2.15) I risked my life and took this picture of Mr. Tough-guy. Notice his tatoos, large belly, and "alice-in-wonderland" hair style. Just sharing.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

No More 4-Eyes

GGoooodd LLuucckk ttoommoorrrrooww oonn tthhee eeyyeess, CChhrriissttoopphheerr!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Telling It Like It Is

I can't help but say that I have a better Fantasy Football record than three of my children.

And I see another confirmation that Dad and I were to marry - we have the exact same record in Fantasy Football. So many sames! I love you, Kerry. Now, Kerry, if you were Han Solo, what would you respond with?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Where Have Your Lips Been?

I told you that the other day I took Kylie to the doctor - where we waited for one hour to be seen by the doctor. While we were waiting, Kylie pointed out these lip prints that were on the glass door leading out of the doctors office. The lip prints were about 3 feet from the floor. And we wonder where kids get germs.

Who Loves You, Baby?

You know how some people see Jesus in their toast, or the get a potato chip that looks like Mary? Well, Zak got a wound from football that looks like a heart.

Sports Talk With Mom

I haven't asked mom much stuff about Fantasy football, but we've talked about the Turkey Bowl. First, I asked her which one of us would get the most TD's; she said none of us would get any. I said: What!?!?! she then explained that she didn't think any of us have ever gotten any touchdowns in any turkey bowl. I then explained to her we supply about half the touchdowns scored per turkey bowl (at least). So I asked he again, who will get the most TD's. she says "ummm, uhh I think Steven." I said: What!?!?!. then Dad put in that he got 2-3 touchdowns last year, so I asked mom how many touchdowns she thought each person would get. she said:
Steven: 7 Me: 6 Christopher: he's injured (eye surgury), so he'll only get 3. Dad: 2-3 Quinn: 1-2
I asked her if anybody (and how many) kick-off return TD's will be scored and she said none.

I'm willing to bet anyone 10 points Steven (assuming he's on the elders side) doesn't get 7 TD's.


About Town

I enjoy sharing with you the things I see as I do "my stuff" about town. I took this picture in the parking lot of the library. This truck did not have a flat tire, it is just a dorky low-rider. So dumb.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

High School Sophomore English

Zak had to do a project for English: pick the movie which you think is the best movie ever, then state your case, include these items in your statement: ethos, pathos and logos.

The teacher, Sis. Swift picked "I Am Sam"

Other student's movies were: Pan's Labyrinth; Labyrinth; Fight Club (!)

Zak chose Rocky. Good choice. Really, he wanted to chose Rocky 4 but felt like he couldn't ignore the First Rocky and skip right to the 4th.

Photographic This and That +

I have a lovely friend, Claire. She LOVES to read, and she LOVES the library! She has re-done her kitchen, it is beautiful. On her island, on the end are shelves. This is where she stores all her library books. This really is not enough room for her books, but this is the bulk of them. Really, these are all library books: Christopher, the future master builder, is building his own TV stand for his project in his woodworking class. The class has a fancy name, but it means come and use all these fabulous tools and build something. I asked him to please take pictures of his progress and send them to me. He did, now I will share!

Another part of the stand.

In OTHER news:
Kylie has caught herself a really good/bad cold. I took her to the doctor yesterday just to make sure it was nothing else more severe. Her cough is awful. The nurse thought it was a fine idea to tell us to be there a FULL HOUR before we could even be seen. We watched people come and go as we sat and read out books. I don't like that nurse. The doctor, I like.
Zak played his last JV football game. Sadly, they lost. He doesn't know it now, (because he is sleeping), but he has to work the woodlot this morning. Later, I am hoping he will tutor me in Picture It, or
Quinn keeps chugging along.
I asked Griffin what his teacher taught him yesterday in school that he didn't know before. He told me they learned a new sight word; are. Very exciting.
I am in charge of snacks for Kylie's soccer game today; whether she goes or not. I must work on that.
BYU plays; we can't watch it on our TV. BOO:(
Nice talking to you!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Final Countdown

Did I forget to mention that the other day when Utopia started up again, Zak and Quinn sat in front of their computers with the song "The Final Countdown" playing on a loop on the computer. They were very giddy, while at the same time making fun of Steven who was NOT on line...yet. I know Christopher was in class, but found a way to get on line anyway.

Oh, you boys!

Use Your Time Wisely

Is it really a good use of time to have elementary students, including Kindergartners(!) sit outside in the hot sun for over an hour for an earthquake drill? Just sitting, for over an hour! Why go to school! The teacher said it was good practice for them. I just don't get that.

Really the drill is for the adults so they can know exactly what to do in case of this emergency. So, I saw a whole gaggle of adults over in the shade doing their "drill" while the whole elementary student body sat in the sun. One little boy came up to the teacher and told her he was hot. Sorry, nothing could be done. I was supposed to be their to take the kids to the computer room.

I left to go to the grocery story (after I made this blog). Zak texted me (correct grammar??) then that he was just starting his 2 hour earthquake drill. Now, I am sure the high school students will find some enjoyment out this.

Just wondering.

Who's Next?

I've got the boot all washed, sanitized and repaired. I hope no one ever needs it, but it is ready for it's next occupant!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fluff and Fold

For the next 10 minutes, all the laundry in our house is washed and put away; well mostly, except for Zak and Quinn's basket.

Yea for Zak and Quinn!

So happy to see that Zak got a Quintet of A's from Mrs. Swift's English class. Great going Zak! The paper was on the hideous book, "Catcher in the Rye".
Yesterday after Quinn's soccer game, 2 mothers came up to tell me what a great game he had! It's nice to be good at something you like to do. Great going Quinn!

Delicious Sandwich Idea

While waiting for Griffin's pasta to be done, he suggested he eat a sandwich. I said "fine, do you want a peanut butter sandwich?"

"No, I'll show you." He promptly went to the fridge and pointed out, "this" (miracle whip) and "this" (ketchup).

"That's what you want?"
I made it and I asked him how he liked it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Who Knew?

Thanks to Dad via Scott Colton for this post.....
Apparently we live in the best place to raise kids in the state of CA.

If you need proof, click the link below.

Today I got gas for $2.49 It was a happy occurrence, much better than prices this summer. Then I suggested to Zak that we just move to the place, wherever in the US, that has the cheapest gas prices. I would do it! I heard on Regis and Kelly today that the price of gas in New Jersey was (something like) $1.89! I would move there!