Thursday, September 30, 2010

Americana at the Brand

We girls had an adventure today! We went to The Americana at the Brand. It is an outside mall - kind of like Main street at Disneyland. Heather did have her camera, but we forgot to take a picture to memorialize the moment. We did see plenty of other picture takers there, but didn't think to ask.
We had a good time looking at this and that. We went in lots of stores but bought hardly anything. Candice did buy a necessity of new, darling pot holders.
We saw a Vera Bradly store; went inside. It was amazing...loud...very Vera. Teo was with us (sorry Teo, I did not put you in the graphic, I remembered too late that you were with us!) and he may have required some water, so the nice lady at Vera Bradly brought out these water bottles and gave us each one! So nice! The water really tasted great.
Ok, I have doddled enough; need to make dinner.
Hope you enjoyed my graphic design.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This Morning

Hmm, Zak's hairstyle is obviously coming from me. It's easy to achieve; just go to bed with wet hair. Wake up and you are ready to go!
This morning's conversation:
Kylie: Mr. V has another rule in class; he does not allow anyone to say shut up.
Mom: that's great! I knew I really liked him. Now, if he would only add the rule of remembering to keep the 3rd commandment!
Kylie: which one is that?
Griffin: remember your words!
Kylie: oh, that's right, don't take the Lord's name in vain.
Oh, they make me proud!! I taught the primary during the first week in September how to remember the 10 commandments. Makes me happy that Griffin remembered that so well! And a THANKS need to go out to Steven & Chase, since they both came home from their missions showing us how to easily remember those commandments.

Ok - now on to past photos....I took these photos Late August/Early September....I was really going to blog about them, but never got around to it. I'll just do it now!

I think I told you about Zak getting a new braces color; one that he didn't really pick; it was a rather bright green color. Well, here is a photo. We all got used to it and kind of liked it. He just went back to the Ortho and got his original color that he really wanted before and while driving home in the car he said he liked his new color, but may like this green color better!
And now, this picture of Quinn...STUDYING/HOMEWORK after his first day of school. What a good example! Notice, he is using his new iTouch. That's makes it a little easier.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eight Pieces of News

A list of odd, but true pieces of news:
1. I found another (now the forth) 90% decapitated rat in our backyard this morning.
2. there is a dead baby bumble bee in the back yard
3. the fly catcher is getting very full; it kind of stinks. I would rather have the flies in there than in our house.
4. Griffin story: in primary there is a little "program" where we do little Missionary Moments. The children get up and tell of little things they do each week to share the gospel. They are not forced to stand up. Only the ones that want to do. On Sunday, Griffin was the first to raise his hand; this is what he told: "well, this week, I saw my dog outside, he looked lonely, so I went out to play with him!" I have now heard from 2 different people that that was their favorite moment of all of Sunday.
5. After doing Sharing time for Primary I have heard of 2 women who have said they would like me to be there mother...hmm, how to I explain this...I think this has something to do with my entertainment value and energetic nature. I was complimented.
6. I bought Kylie a nice, stuffed chair to use in her room so she can have a nice place to read. I got it for $25 from a neighbor.
7. Kylie has finished all her homework for the day.
8. I planned and cooked the chicken for tonight's dinner. It will be chicken almondine. I told the boys this as I was driving them home from school. There comments: "OH, is that the stuff with almonds and the chicken is really white, goopy stuff?" They don't seem to think they will like it. I am still hopeful.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunshine and Flowers

Look what I get to see in my backyard on Monday, SEPTEMBER 27!
It is a delight to know that I planted these as seeds a short time ago and now what joy to see the "fruits"!

I must give honor to Kylie's garden. Because of her hardworking example, and a bit of "if she can, I can", I was able to dig out and plant my own flowers. Thank you Kylie!
Just a note: I will be making a post about TV over on the Payne Blog - maybe I will get more people to talk about the shows over there!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Not THIS kind of a pass...

C P A part one C P A part two
But that kind! Steven passed the FIRST TWO parts of the CPA exam! The first part he passed with a 91%! Let's hope OCTOBER is a lucky month; he hopes to take the LAST TWO parts during that month.

Good Luck Steven!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Photographic Portfolio

Sunday afternoon, apparently, Griffin chose to use that time to increase his photographic portfolio. I had no idea until I downloaded the pictures to the computer. Hmm, what has he been up to:

A self portrait...
one million dollars if you can figure out where he took this picture...quite ingenious
me, sleeping cocoa, the dog; or Dog - as I call him, or is it a her?

cat Kylie sleeping!

more cat

really, an old computer in the trash...
he opened the trash can and took the picture

a picture of a picture of Griffin

and we'll end with a happy self portrait

can you guess where this one was precise!

**Please know that I have tried to fix the placement of the pictures and the captions SEVERAL times; google just has other ideas about the layout, I guess...a little frustrating when I think I am the boss!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Zachary's Eagle Slide Show!

Z Cole Eagle from Kent Cornwall on Vimeo.


Thanks, Pres. Cornwall!

Zak's Court of Honor

Jeffrey Stacy, Zak Cole, Jared Colton
photo by Larry Steimle
Zak had his Court of Honor on Saturday, Sept 18th.
It was a lovely evening!
It started with a dinner at the Ward building with friends. Jared Colton also got his Eagle. It was Jared's Mother's idea to have the dinner. It turned out very nice.

Here are the 2 Eagle ScoutsFabulous Leaders

Bishop Dunham, Larry Daines (runs the Court of Honor), Kerry, Scott Colton

Scouts at the meeting

Brother Daines Conducting with Kent Cornwall in the background

Zak and Jared's EAGLE Table

at the Court of Honor

QUINN got the rank of Life

for these next 3 pictures, I tried to fool around with where they "sat" on the page. It didn't turn out like I had hoped. Just enjoy that you get to see them! (You know all this picture adding takes forever!)


The Sweet Newlyweds!

Heather can't make a face I don't love!

Then, they had this GREAT slide show! I have been trying to get it up here, but no luck so far. I will NOT give up. For now, just enjoy this opening picture. The slide show was created by Kent Cornwall.

Kerry introduced Zak. He did a great job.

A self-portrait of Griffin

The Eagles taking their EAGLE CHARGE

There were 3 Eagles that night:

Jeffrey (not Jimmy, STEVEN!) Stacy, Zak and Jared

That is Bishop Dunham giving the Eagle Charge

by the way, I am a fan of the "dark head in the way".

Zak "pinning" his parents


I don't think you can see Kerry on here, he is probably shaking Jared's hand; BUT you should see Steven, Kent Cornwall and Jared's 2 uncles at the end of the line OK! All of these next 3 pictures were SUPPOSED to be in a horizontal line, not a vertical line!

Troop 115's leaders

Sweet boys

Troop 115

What is the face I am making??

Zak with his EAGLE MEDAL!

Zak next to the Eagle Picture

The little remnants of the family

Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Talk!

I spoke to EVERY ONE of these people today! It was a good day. All happy and doing well! I love you all! I also texted with my DAD on the phone! He is getting pretty good at it. Well, as long as we are talking about texting, I sent a text to 80% of the people in the picture too. Besides talking on the phone and texting, I also did some cleaning today...again. Funny for me, I caught Kerry in an odd moment! He NEVER leaves his "stuff" out, but he did last night! Here are his shoes left under the computer table. He probably left them here while deciding what to do for his ESPN Streak for Cash! It's ok, my sweet Husband, I put them away for you.

Well, while we are speaking of Kerry; this is what he did for fun last night. He tried putting the cat on a leash (really that is his belt). The cat would have NONE of it. He refused to move even though Kerry was giving it a good pull. Stubborn.
We had chicken balls for dinner - good! It's always nice when dinner is good. Kerry then went out to mow the lawn. Z & Q went to the AHS vs. Monrovia football game. Griffin is listening to music; making himself a playlist! That makes him very happy. Kylie is playing at a friend's.
More laundry for me to fold. I'll go do it now.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just Try Not To Sing!

I have been listening to opera in the car for the last 24 hours. Really, it is all because of Heather, or maybe Steven. Apparently, Steven WON an opera CD from his Humanities class in BYU. The newlyweds just found it and Heather has been listening to it in her car.

Yesterday I had to move Heather's car out of the driveway. In that short drive I also got to enjoy some of that opera; and I did enjoy it!

As part of my "To Do" list, I had to go to the library, so while there I quickly checked out the opera section. I found a CD that is "World's Famous Arias". I got it and have been listening to it ever since.

Yesterday when I picked up Z & Q after school; Carmen was on. Quinn could not help himself but to start to sing along! It is very contagious. I listened as I took kids here and there. This morning as I started the car to take G & K to school (I was late; didn't set my alarm; Kylie woke me up; so I had to drive them), the opera music filled the car.

Griffin scrunched up his face and said, "do we have to listen to that again? Turn it off!"
"Really", I said, I like it; have not had my fill yet.
"Yes, turn it off, I don't like it!"

Silly, silly, children.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Little IT Man

This morning Griffin chose to wear all blue. I told him he looks like a very famous painting called, The Blue Boy.
"Really", he said
"Yes!, I'll show you", was my response.
I went to a computer, the screen was dark, so I quickly started hitting the ESCAPE key and the ENTER key repeatedly, trying to wake up that computer. It is a tired one and it does take a bit of time to get it going. Ever so sweetly he reaches over and pushes a button on the keyboard, one that I have never used before. It immediately made the computer wake up! Who knew??
**He pushed the button at the bottom of the keyboard that looks like the "windows" logo; mine is right next to the ALT button.
***Hmm, maybe we had 6 sets of genes; so the seventh child started again with the first set of genes...we'll see