Friday, September 10, 2010

Memory Lane & Eagle Avenue

I have great post ideas....they are all just in my head!
I feel a little like Scarlett, but I continue to think that I'll do it tomorrow!
But, today, I had to make myself take time to look through old pictures (for about 1 1/2 hours!) trying to find pictures of Zak during his scouting adventures!
You see, Zak has achieved the Boy Scouting rank of EAGLE!
Only about 2% of all those that join Boy Scouts become an Eagle.

For his Court of Honor, where he actually gets his award, there will be a slide show. Therefore, I have had to find the pictures for the show.

While looking at pictures, which I loved(!), I came across some other pictures that are so sweet, I wanted to share:

Here is Griffin. I think this is in 2006. That would put him at 3. He wanted to be Sleeping Beauty! I suggested that maybe he meant the Prince in the movie. Yes, that's what he meant, so I made him his costume. He wore it many times; all before Halloween. When the actual day came, he chose to wear something else. What a sweet face!

THIS little girl is Kylie!! She could be 7 here!
She is in line at a Disneyland attraction. I am so appreciative of all those Disneyland memories!

Still 2006
Kerry and Zak JUST came home from a camping trip in the Sierras.
It was Kerry's birthday while he was gone. I made up a box 'o plenty for him to open when he got home.
Look at that SWEET CHASE!! With Braces!! I could just hug and squeeze them both!

Opening his box

Steven taking a picture of himself!

He must have just gotten home from his mission the month before!

Twinkies & Pepsi!

Look at that happy face!

And there is Christopher!

What boys enjoy eating (maybe) while camping

I am thankful you are ALL in my life!

You make it better!


Nana said...

I loved all your pictures! I put some of them in my files. I have some very cute pics of ZAK from our trip to Thanksgiving Point . . remember? Do you want me to send some?

Julie/mom said...

Thanks, Mom.
The pictures that they are asking for are scouting pictures.
I found about 80!
They are great.
I turned them in tonight!

Christopher said...

great post, good pictures