Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flying Bats!

Early in May, Zak was asked to go to a Dodger game.
He had a very good time. It was an exciting game; especially when Zak got on TV!!

Let's say that Zak went to the game on a Wednesday. (It's been so long, I can't remember what day he went.) On Thursday, after school, he came home and turned on the TV to ESPN; one of those sports shows. He started watching and they started talking about last night's Dodger game. They showed the time when Andre Either threw his bat after he had a mighty swing. There in the upper right hand part of the picture Zak saw himself!

He couldn't believe it! We watched and watched, then we recorded it. We have it on VHS. So, when you come over, you can see it in slow motion! Zak remembers when it happened. He said it was a little scary, hence his face of fear. Now, below, I have a nice (sort of) close up for you:

Now, go back and try to find him in the original picture.

It's a fun game.