Monday, June 24, 2013

What is your name? Nice to meet you

The following are unique observations on an interesting human element that few people are in a real position to see.

Everyone who reads this blog knows I'm Christopher.  I have never in my life introduced myself as Chris.  Yet it really is extraordinary how people immediately start calling me Chris.  "What's your name?"  "I'm Christopher"  "Oh, hello Chris, my name is Cindy".  It literally happens that fast.  It happens via e-mail too.  I'll sign my e-mails as Christopher, and the reply will be addressed to Chris.

Think about how weird that is.  You ask someone what they call themself.  Then for some reason you call that person something different.  It sounds weird, but it isn't just "other people" who do it.  Actually listen to yourself next time you meet someone.  You'll surprise yourself when you realize you do it too.

Next is what happens when I tell people to please call me Christopher instead.  It is rather infrequent for people to accept this.  At least 50% of the time, the immediate response is that is too many syllables and they're just going to call me Chris anyway.  Now think about how incredibly dumb and insensitive a statement that is.  Taking a fraction of a second longer to say the name I prefer somehow makes your 24 hour day shorter?  It's hard to argue something that doesn't make sense.  Those people usually continue calling me Chris anyway.

A funny piece of that is with about 25% of the people who actually start calling me Christopher, they'll nearly always call me Christopher Cole.  I guess additional syllables really isn't that big a problem after all.  My best guess for this is that when people start actually thinking about my name, they realize that alliteration is fun.  Another thing that frequently happens is after some time (usually 1-2 months), that person will tell me that they now actually prefer the name Christopher and anything else is strange and wrong.  That's when I know who my real friends are.

So what is the solution to the name problem?  Get a friend to handle it.  If someone calls me Chris, and somebody else corrects that person, it is far more likely to stick without questions than if I do it.  Why is that?  I believe that (strangely), people subconsciously are more willing to accept what others call a person rather than what that person likes to be called.

I have only ever referred to myself by one name.  But I have gone through my entire life with 50% - 90% of the people I correspond with regularly calling me by a different name.  Isn't that crazy?  It's MY name.

Moral of the story: Pay attention to peoples names and your friends will be grateful.  Especially self written name tag situations or even e-mail signatures.  Then be that friend to help correct others' genuine mistakes.  You may be surprised that a friend you have known for a long time actually prefers something different from what you have called them for years.  The simple question, "Do you prefer Kathy or Kathryn?" when in doubt goes a long way, showing a unique self awareness that will only make that person appreciate you more.

Do you prefer Chris or Christopher?
Do you prefer Steve or Steven?
Do you prefer Chase or winer9?
Do you prefer Zak or Zachary?
Do you prefer Quinn or Quinton?
Do you prefer Ky or Kylie?
Do you prefer Fin or Griffin?
Do you prefer Cookie or Grandma?
Do you prefer Old Man or Grandpa?

The End.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Last meal

Last meal before home.  All cold.  Very windy.  Enjoying the fire.  Can you see it?

Monday, June 17, 2013

San Fran

Beautiful, amazing, foggy, windy. I love it!

John Fogerty

So excited to listen to dad's knew CD of John Fogerty. We open it and it is empty.  We left the actual CD at home in the computer.  I guess we can just hum.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Quinn Graduates!

YOU may not have been here, but I took pictures...156 of them (Dad took some of those). 
It will be just like you were there!

Before we left home, in the backyard.

(Just so you know, I have TRIED to make the pictures size Medium then put them side by side, but they won't go!! It may work if I make the pictures size small; but I am NOT willing to make the pictures that small. So, just enjoy extra large pictures!!

Now, here is Quinn walking to his seat. He likes plenty of personal space, if not behind him, then in front of him. He is not the beginning of the line. There is someone in front of him, just not in the picture frame.


At his seat! Maybe looking for us...

I think he sees us! I did have a nice, large sign that said, "Quinn". 

And a wave!

And the crowd!

The view...beautiful

Quinn getting up to walk over to get his diploma!

Quinn walking with purpose!

Now, I have positioned myself down by the line of graduates. We are sitting well up in the stands. I am YELLING, "Quinn!, Quinn!, Quinn". He doesn't hear me.

Does he hear me??

Yes he does!

And a wave!

I like the movement of his tassel.

Dad in the stands taking pics with his phone.

Ok! The lady is reading his name!

He has received his diploma!

He is probably telling the lady a joke.

The turning of the tassel!

Throw your hat in the air.

Quinn and Dad

Quinn and Mom

Quinn and Friend...will post name later.

It was a lovely occasion!
We'll review and do this (a graduation of Quinn) again in 6 years

Friday, June 14, 2013

Lola and teo

They came over to swim and have snacks.

Last Day of School....First Day of SUMMER!

Here is Quinn, yesterday, June 13, 2013 on his LAST day of High School
He is wearing his Senior T-shirt

Kylie on her last day of 8th Grade:

Griffin on his last day of 4th grade:

Griffin got the DELUXE breakfast from McDonald's!
That's what you get if you wake up well before everyone else.

Griffin also modeled the T-shirt that we sent to Zak today to celebrate his finishing his 1st year serving a mission!

Griffin later went to the Beach with Luke!
Quinn will hear Pomp and Circumstance much later today.
I must get up and do dishes.