Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tues - July 29th

Gearing up for Griffin's 5th birthday party!
We are doing the waterslide here at home, where my camera is, so there will be pictures!
Tonight - Steven and Christopher and girls went to the musical Wicked. We'll have to get their report tomorrow.
Spaghetti for dinner with no "Chase" guilt!

Monday, July 28th

Beach again, and again, no camera..... but I did bring my CELL PHONE!! (which has a camera and a video!)

Kylie, Griffin and I went. It was great.

We tried Huntington Beach - it was way better than our usual Seal/Sunset beach. The parking was a bug at $10, though.

They each had a kite that they flew very easily.

The water was not so cold.

We stayed until 5:00, then had Rite Aid ice cream on the way home. We very much enjoyed it.

Oh yea, then after the beach, Kylie felt a bit bored and wanted to play tennis!! I said ok. We played for 1 hour. It was fun, but VERY tiring!

Griffin fell to sleep on the way home from the beach, which means he woke up at 8:30pm, which means we (Griffin and I) didn't go to bed until 12:30am!

Camera - I Forgot It!!

Saturday was the big Dodgeball game!

It was fun and a great success. Those who showed up:
Coles -Steven, Christopher, Zak, Quinn (Kylie and I just watched)
Jake Melton - brought 3 friends
Kyle Beck
Hillary and Emily Miller
Scott Luna
Jared Turner
Taylor Jensen was there for a bit
Josh Hatch
Haram Park
Brandon Bodkin

When it was all over, many were dripping sweat. I call that a success!

I did take a few pictures with my cell phone. I will try to get those out!
Apparently, no pictures, but here is a video!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

According to Griffin...

According to Griffin, if we had of taken Christopher's car home from church, we would have won the race home.

And when you drive Christopher's car, it only plays songs that boys like.

His car is very comfortable too.

Tues, July 22nd

We did a little yard clean up. Yard work is great, because it stays that way for way longer than any housework you do! It was sweaty, hot, heavy and dirty work. I am glad we did it.

The usual people all did the usual stuff the rest of the day.

Monday, July 21st

After I took Griffin to swimming, Kylie suggested we go to the beach, so we did!
It was fun, very windy and a bit cold.
The only participants were Kylie, Griffin and me. Those others would not go. I also left my camera at home, but the comptuer. What was I thinking!!
When we drove back home, it was 95 degrees, and to think we were wrapped up in towels, cold, at the beach!
Steven was at Universal Studios doing an Externship.
Christopher at his computer, working.
Dad, working.
Zak computer, or reading until football.
Quinn computer until he went to help out with the stake musical.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


1:00 at the Foothill building It will be fun
It will be EXTREME
Invite your friends and bring a ball or two

Expected players so far: All Cole boys, (well, not all - Griffin is not allowed to play), Josh Shaprio and friends, Jake Melton and friends, Scott Luna and friends
If Jeff Kent reads this blog, he should come to. It will help him get his baseball mojo back!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pool Guy

We got our pool fixed today!
Andy Jones came and changed our motor and put in a (new to us) filter.
I am happy to spread the word of his services. We are grateful for his help and work!-
Call him, he would be happy to help you too!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Taking A Poll

How do YOU like the NEW background?

Picture/Video Catch Up! You'll Love It!

Before Chase left on his mission, we were swimming every day, getting all the pool time we could. Here are a few pictures for you:

Chase is mid "Big Splash" dive:

This is my kind of Family Photo
Or This One:
The Boys Very Enjoyable Activity: DOTA
played by Chase, Quinn, Zak, Steven, Chrisopher and Josh Shapiro

Zak in mid dive:
Quinn - mid dive:


These Videos were taken June 27th. Here are a few momentus videos of that day:


Chase making his famous BIG splash, it really looks way bigger in person!



4th of July, Annual Arcadia Ward Breakfast

We had a great breakfast. Then the Soccer game began!

Kylie and Lydia played for awhile. Here they are just taking a break. Scott Colton, Chase and Christopher

Chase, Jake Melton, Zak and Scott Luna

You don't have to run ALL the time.
Christopher and Chase

Steven just scored that goal!

It was Very hot. I guess it got to Steven.
Then I took a family picture - Sweat and all, my favorite.
That is all sweat on Zak's shirt. I thought he had poured water on himself to cool himself down. No.

Remember the Sting Ray Story?

Here is a picture of Chase's toe/foot taken at the end of July.
If you need reminding of the story, check HERE. His foot was still a little tender.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Trying to get back!

To Utah and back, getting back in with the "program", so much to clean, straighten, errands to run, people to make happy.

We had a great time in Utah and Idaho. Chase is doing great too.

I will make time to get back to the "every day"!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Abra Cadabra!

Apparently this blog has magical powers!
I wished/hoped that someone else would be taking care of dinner, as I had NO plan or ideas. Kerry called me about an hour later and said he was bringing Mexican food home for dinner!!
Hmm, I think I will come up with a great wish for tomorrow.
I was also fortunate this evening to play 24 games of tennis AND get a sauna....it was so hot and sweaty outside.....all fun.
(The T & S was all with Kylie.)

Day 17 - Wednesday

I paid bills!

Everyone else did the usual.

Chase got to go to the Angels game with Jake Melton. He went to breakfast first with Tony and Jake. Chase and Jake sat in fancy seats and ate fancy food.

I hope someone else is in charge of dinner.

Apparently Christopher was so hot he decided to work shirtless! It made me laugh to see it, the unexpectedness of it all, not his physique

Day 16

Tuesday....what did we do??

Q & K - tennis lessons
G - swimming lessons
Z - football
K, S, C - work
Chase - decides to go on a run at 3:00pm. Does so. Runs a 6:30 mile. He does the run, comes home, gets his bike, rides the route. That is how he checks his run. What an athlete!

Vincent and Catarina came over to swim, do the big slide and play. It was all fun.

Day 15

Beach day for Chase!

Read about it here. Stingray and all.

Josh S. came over for a little DOTA later.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sunday, Day 14

Chase had his missionary farewell.

He gave a wonderful talk. It was a good meeting.

That evening we were to have an openhouse from 5-7. It went from 4:40 - 9:05!

A great time was had by all. There was just enough good food.

Saturday Day 13

Last day of softball for Kylie.

She played the last 2 games of her All-Star tournament.

They lost, but they had a great time and learned a lot.

Friday, Day 12

Christopher and I had our first tennis lesson of the summer.
Very fun!
Our instructor said we were VERY strong players!