Thursday, March 24, 2011

We Are Here!

This is the view from our room!
Hope you are all having a great day!
Maybe we will go snorkling later....
Right now, it's Jimmer Time!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Order of Operations

Correct order of CAR Operations:

1. Park at destination
2. Turn off motor
3. Hold keys in hand
4. Get out of car
5. Lock doors
6. Walk away

Forgetting numbers 2 & 3 are just troublesome:
1. Park at destination

4.Get out of car
5. Lock Doors
6. Walk away
7. Get a sinking feeling

Hmm...anyone join the club lately??

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Because of Zak

Because of Zak, when I saw this T-shirt at Griffin's game, I knew exactly what he was talking about. It made me laugh. Then I took his picture knowing I could blog about it.

Zak, every so sweetly, clues me in on many sports things. He called me over to the computer awhile ago and showed me the video below. I like KNOWING things and being kept in the loop!


Right when I thought I had NOTHING to blog about; Quinn eats Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

Great photo op!

Good sport!

Chocolate Covered mouth

Friday, March 11, 2011

Funny T-Shirt

You might need some background to fully appreciate the hilariousness of this shirt. (I apologize if you already know all this) On the UNLV basketball team there is a player named Tre'Von WILLIS who has been talking trash about Jimmer all season, saying he's overrated (then the next day Jimmer scored like 37 points against him) and that he doesn't deserve the MWC player of the year award. He's been saying stuff like that all season. Anyway, I thought this shirt was hilarious.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Full, Wet and Seedy

A little background for this post:

We have eaten cantaloupe lately (great prices; on sale!). Zak saw me cutting the cantaloupe the other day and told me that it just makes him sick to see the inside of the "uncleaned out" cantaloupe. I quickly cleaned out the cantaloupe; I didn't want any sick children.

Now the Blog Post:

We just finished watching Survivor! It was so good. We decided that this year there are WAY more "weird-os" on the show. We really enjoy it.

Then I was switching around and saw a bit of: Hoarding: buried alive! It is such a car wreck of a show. Interesting. It is also a show that helps people. (That's my defense in watching it.)

Zak said: "watching that show kind of makes me feel like cantaloupe; a little sick."


If you were going to give CHASE some delicious food that you KNEW he would love, what would you give him?

Looks SO Good!

I have kept this bar in my car for a few days. My goal was to see if anyone would try it and then to my own delight, see their face as they chew. My latest victim was Zak. He saw it, couldn't wait to try it. Really, it is a disgusting bar. You can't help but screw up your face. He did well. I had to spit my bite out. I think he swallowed. Just a little joy in my day. If I wasn't going to get my money out of eating the bar, then I got my money's worth out of people's faces when they ate one bite.

Sorry, Lara. You just aren't our bag.

Other victims: Kylie and Quinn
Thank you

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


When I saw QUINN'S WOUNDED HAND, I knew exactly how he achieved it.

A closer look....

Come on, make a guess!

2011...Who Knew?

While running the other day, my mind started wandering on my children.

I thought about Kylie, turning 12! She will start Young Women's. She will do Personal Progress!! I thought we should do something special for her; growing up; moving on. I know it is right, but sometimes I want to squish them down. What happened to my tiny, baby girl?

Then I remembered Griffin would be baptized this year!

That's BIG! My youngest child turning 8!

And then Zak, turning 18!
Graduating from High School.
My 4th child to do so!
Accepted to BYU...also the 4th.
Getting his driver's license.
Oh, and he will probably get his braces off, ha ha.

It's a big year for him!

And Heather and Steven having a baby!
That is BIG!
Steven getting the news that he passed all of his CPA exams!

Quinn will be 16!
He can get his driver's license...will he?

Christopher getting in a car crash and having his car totaled! Who knew? Would we want to know?

Chase, what is your news of 2011??

I think that is A LOT of BIG things to happen in one family in one year.


Friday, March 4, 2011


What is this number: 54,902

What "drug" is Charlie Sheen on:

How many books do you think Kylie has read this week?

And now, in thanks for your participation, here is a funny made me laugh:
(Thanks, Hillary)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another Cole Family Tradition

I sent Zak an e-mail this morning about what I thought we should have for dinner. You know, dinner, that meal that is always coming, what you always have to plan and hopefully make people happy about. I thought I would just ask Zak's opinion. I know he checks his e-mail in 3rd period. Kerry checks his e-mail, but happily, he seems always to be happy with what is placed before him. Here is Zak's and my
e-mail exchange:

REALLY: I think we will have large, baked potatoes for dinner tonight.
I'll have cottage cheese to eat with them.
Maybe some fruit too.

I think it will be good and filling!
If you have objections or anything to add; now is the time!

Much Love,

sounds good, keeps with the cole family side-dish as a main course theme. you could add something like rolls and green beans in there too

What is funny is that I NEVER considered Zak's thought about "our Cole family" tradition! But it is true! I do like a good side-dish for a main course. Funny to me! This is just how my brain works. If I add extra things to dinner it is always a nice bonus.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm Stronger than I Thought...

Do you see anything wrong with this picture?
Notice the actual faucet where the water comes out, it is up on the sink edge.
See the yellow hose...that is taped there. That is where the water is coming out.
Last night as I was pulling the faucet out, as I have done 3000 times, it came off in my hand! The tubing slipped back through the mechanism and was on the ground. I picked it up and taped it to the counter so I could still get water to my sink.
Hopefully Dad will make a miracle and get it all fixed tonight.

I Played Basketball with Jimmer in the Pre-Existence

As I was looking at a few of my favorite blogs this morning, I came upon a VERY funny post about Jimmer Mania! The blog is Hillary Miller's.

Here is a link: LINK BUTTON