Friday, February 8, 2013

Joy by Design

I am teaching a class for a Relief Society event. I am talking about joy. I got the room all decorated. Here are some pictures:

This is just as you walk in the room, to your right:
 These animals were knitted by Karin Mallard

Looking at the back of the room:

back at the front, side. I set up this table to hold the display of several peoples crafts:
The statue is of Joseph Smith, made by Virgina Flemming; the painting is of Emma Smith made by Cammie Steimle; the dolls were made by Ann McGinnis (she poured molds to make the dolls!)

as you walk straight in; this is what you see:

Now you've looked a little to the left. Points to the person who can guess the song that that phrase is from. No points if I already told you the answer

From the back of the room, what you see looking to the front:

Bulletin Board:

A quilt made by April Steimle. I will have 3 ladies standing at the small table to play a quiz game. 
When you know the answer, you grab the beanie baby.

The yellow sign says: There is sunshine in my soul today

The stake Relief Society added this quilt from April and these beautiful flowers!
the candy bars are prizes for the game...see the fortune tellers...we'll be making those in the class

Pictures I am going to show when introducing my family:

Kylie helped me set all this up last night. Great help. I give the talk (3 times) tomorrow, Saturday.