Thursday, December 15, 2011

Still Pictures of MORE Trees...

Here is a long shot of the trees lined up on Santa Anita This is a tree up on Elkins. Those roots! That tree was SO big:
SEE! I am 5' 7 3/4" tall....The tree's circumference is as tall as me!

Ok, now back to Santa Anita....That is steam coming off the top of the foliage pile! I took these pictures at about 9:00am.

Huge pile of foliage in the parking lot of the county park on Santa Anita

Foliage pile meshing into the log pile

OK! The end of the tree pictures!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Consequence of Winds

I made 2 videos for your enjoyment!
I HATE the new blogger. I pushed the button that suggested I "try" it. I do not like it!!

I have still pictures, too. They will come later.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Try, Try Again

Many times today have I tried to fix that "Wind and Blown Down Trees" Link. I THINK I have finally fixed it.

Please click on it again. The pictures are amazing.

If the link doesn't work, you are supposed to comment and say, "hey, the link did not work!"


Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'll Huff and Puff and BLOW your Trees Down!

Wednesday night, November 30, 2011, the winds blew with great force. I heard a report that at times the winds blew 90 MPH. We heard it and it was scary. Our electricity went out at 10:00pm. Who knew...I thought it would be back on in a few hours. I wondered about how we would wake up in time for school. Little did I know.

Our electricity was out for 5 1/2 days. Our city looked like a tornado hit it, BUT, thank goodness, no houses were blown down; just a lot of trees. On Thursday morning, I drove around and took pictures. It was amazing. No school Thursday or Friday. Monday, Quinn went to school, Tuesday all the children went to school and a few hours later the electricity came on! Yea!
Here is my reporting:
This is a couple of blocks from our house. On the corner of Wilson and Sierra Madre. I think a very old lady lives here. The tree is still like this one week later.
The blessings of having a pine tree:

Ok, I have SO many more pictures to show you, I have put them up on Picassa.

Here is a link:

Mom/Nana: click on the line above. When you get to the pictures, click on the small pictures and they will get bigger, then there is an arrow (kind of light, so look) at the side of the picture that you can press to see the next big picture.

It gets better...or worse, depending on your perspective.

EyeLID Caught in a Zipper

SETUP: We/Chase, had/has a jacket like this.

It is one he got for free from Sports Illustrated.

It says FALCONS on it.

More SETUP: On Friday morning I went to go to a funeral.

(Shauna Miller's mother died.)

STORY: While I was gone, Quinn went outside to work on getting all the leaves out of our pool. Griffin went out too. He was wearing the jacket.

As boys will do, he tried to turtle himself into his jacket; to shrink down below the zipper, then he tried to zip up the jacket. Somehow, he got his EYELID caught in the zipper!!

MORE SETUP: This was all during our power outage. I learned to charge my cellphone at every opportunity. I was charging my cellphone in another room with the phone off. I did not want the phone to ring, or beep at an improper time during the funeral.

STORY, CONTINUED: Griffin cried/screamed as anyone would. Quinn came and saw what had happened. He tried calling my cell phone, but I did not answer. He tried calling Dad, but by that time he was almost at work, about 40 minutes away. He called Heather, but because of the traffic it would take her about 40 minutes to get to our house, then he tried calling Angie Jensen. She came over.

About this time, I went to check on my cell phone and found many messages, and missed calls and missed texts. Griffin had zipped his eyelid in a jacket zipper. I had one message from Griffin just crying so pathetically for about 3 minutes. It was awful. I raced home!

It was hard to know what to do, but eventually, I cut the jacket off his head with just the section remaining that he had zippered to his eyelid.

Then Angie saw that we had to just zip UP the zipper to release his eyelid.

I told him it would hurt, then quickly zipped hard and fast.

Within 30 seconds he felt so much better.

Sorry, there are no BEFORE pictures. I was REALLY tempted to run and get the camera and take a picture, but that seemed a little cruel.

Here is Griffin's eye right after his release:

It looks awful!
Here is a side view so you can see the swelling:

Many days later, he is fine. We are lucky and blessed he did not have to have any stitches.

Plus is makes for a good story.

Just be careful how and what you are zipping...

Cupboard Looks Bare....(not naked, tee hee)

True, untouched photo....

I don't think this has happened much in the life of the Cole family.

Only THREE boxes of cereal!

That is what happened after Thanksgiving and boys left for school.

Almost eaten out of house and home....and happily so!

Don't worry, the cupboard has now been replenished!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2 Socks and a Shoe

Conversation with Luke's Mom, Allison:

(Griffin was 9 houses down, at Luke's; playing.)

Me: I Allison! There are a lot of trucks down the street, I just wondered if the boys might enjoy walking down there and seeing all the trucks and workers.

Allison: That would be fine, but did you know Griffin came over this 2 socks and one shoe on?

Me: What? He was going to ride his bike... (I found out later, he told me he forgot about his bike).

Allison: Well, I saw him come in the door with 2 socks and one shoe.

Apparently, Griffin had a lot on his mind....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Can You Spot It?

It is so gross...

It's almost as big as a mouse!

We took many pictures.

Quinn killed it.

It is still hanging, dead, from the front porch.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thanksgiving Songs!

I just heard that KOST (a radio station, 103.5) has started playing Christmas songs!
Ok, I like Christmas songs, but we haven't even celebrated Thanksgiving!
No one wants "their" day skipped! So let's not skip the Celebration of Thanksgiving!!

Here are some great Thanksgiving songs.

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Whose Body Parts?

Whose legs? Whose smile?

Whose hair?

Whose arm? They ALL belong to the Birthday Boy Today!!

Happy Birthday, Christopher!!

We LOVE you!

We'll see you soon!

This post was posted at the exact time and day Christopher was born. That is one of the gifts of the first born; the mother always remembers that time. It is a life changer.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween 2011 Pictures!

Griffin is a HIPPY poser - so cool

Leah Dunham began collecting these peacock feathers in Jr. High! She has continued to collect them until Halloween. Now, the fruits of her labors!

Pictures from the Day at the Farm

We went on October 21st - I am finally taking the time to put the pictures up.

Here is the beginning of the day. Quinn with his eyes closed....sorry

This is in a corn stalk labyrinth - one way in, one way out.

Kylie posing on the pumpkins

Griffin ran all the way over to the other end of the pumpkins; about 1 1/2 football fields worth.

I LOVED all these sunflowers!

Quinn in the labyrinth

This is a close up of a guy in a outhouse.

Candice, Lola, Teo

Griffin posing on the pumpkins

Some weird pumpkins!

The Coles that went

That's a huge pumpkin

Griffin & Teo in the pumpkin patch.

See the green bushes way at the back of the photo; that is where Griffin ran to and back; hopping over pumpkins

Griffin enjoyed this display VERY much. Giggle and giggle

It was a fun day!!

Next up....Halloween!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

We Went to a Corn Maze!

Please just be amused; the pictures came in backward. I heard about this farm on the NEWS! The kids had a day off of school last Friday the 21st, so we went. We had a great time....more pictures in another post.

Here we are at the top of a stack of hay! That was the gift for finding the end of the maze:
Yea! We did it in about 15 minutes.

Climbing up to the top....

This is the start...a bit scary because there is no rhyme or reason for any turn left or right. My children were brave, so so was I.

A VIDEO!! Here are a few feelings at the top of the stack of hay: