Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Halloween Pictures
Quinn's luscious make-up

Go, go Power Ranger!! GriffinKylie is taking the lid off, and squeezing up the toothpaste.
How clever!
Everyone's got their particular pose.

We have never gotten so much candy.
Everyone's bucket was almost overflowing.
We came home because they could NOT fit anymore candy in their bucket.
I'd say we were successful.

Scariest Monster

for english class I had to write a story about the scariest monster. The purpose of the story was to use imagiery, and it was Halloween. I wrote my amazing story about a scary flying werwolf with tusks thing, but I needed to name it. so I called it....

Feral Shadow

Happy Halloween

REMEMBER TO BRUSH YOUR TEETH!! Remember Mrs. Sarrail!!

more pictures will come after tonight....don't you worry

Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Night at Dinner...

At the end of dinner, we were playing Griffin's letter game...he would pick a letter, then say a word that starts with that word. Griffin is very smart. I praised him for his genius. Then Zak wanted to play Steven's letter game, where you spell a word, one person, one letter at a time. Griffin pickes the letter.....

Griffin: Z
Quinn: e
Dad: b

Rounds of laughter as we realize Zak does NOT know the word!! Time passes and finally,

Zak: r
Mom: a

It was very funny.

By the way, we had Beef Burgundy for dinner, very yummy.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Night

Dad and I went out to dinner.

Zak went to see a play at the school - Jake Melton is in it.

Griffin is eating a hot pocket...he likes it.

I have old bannanas. I hope to make banana bread.

There is a vampire show on tonight...Moonlight. I hope to watch that too.

Zak has a football game tomorrow out in Upland.

Ward Trunk or Treat tomorrow night at the ward In and Out.

Kylie is going to be a tube of toothpaste.

Griffin a blue Power Ranger.

Zak and Quinn should be a tube of something! Give me some ideas.....oxy 10? Come up with something better.

Vegetables for Dinner

Last night I tried something new for dinner.
We had homemade chicken nuggets, rice and brownies for dinner. What made them different, is that there was broccoli in the chicken nuggets and carrots and spinich in the brownies!!
The chicken nuggets were fine, good. The meat was very tender and they tasted good...they didn't look so good. Dad said he likes the taste of look of caramelized food. I don't think he was teasing. The nuggets weren't burnt.
Brownies were a different story. This morning, Quinn was clever enough to read more of the instructions, which were to NOT eat the brownies until they were completely cooled. If you eat them while they are still warm, you will taste the spinach. Well, we all tasted a mighty taste of spinach brownie, and we all spit out tiny bite out in the trash. It was funny.
This morning, after Quinn read the full instructions, I tried some more of the brownies. They were shockingly good after last nights disaster. I am sending one to school with Kylie for Mrs. Sarrail to taste. I told her yesterday about our dinner plans.
Zak gave me an A for effort.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Things Cancelled

Things that were cancelled because of all the fires ....

all P.E. classes for Arcadia Schools

all ayso practices this WEEK, possible cancellation of games on Saturday

Zak's football practice on Tues...we'll see for Wednesday (today)

Kylie's all day field trip today

Scouts was also cancelled, not because of the fires, but because there was no lesson planned.

Things NOT cancelled:

Dad's Bishopric meeting
my headache

I would just also like to say that we are VERY fortunate where we live - there are many fires south of us and many north of us. The air quality is kind of yucky. 750,000 people have had to leave their homes and 1300 homes have been burnt.

Monday, October 22, 2007

BYU v. Eastern Washington

PICTURE TIME! last Saturday a few people from my ward were going to go to the football game together and we had a pregame party where we ate hotdogs and did some face painting. Yes mom...I did paint my face. Only like 3 of us did it, the rest were a bunch of wusses. are some pictures. Enjoy. ( time to write clever captions for any of these. If you think of any let me know when you comment)

In these two pictures I was so cold that my whole faze was numb and the paint was freezing over. Thats the best smile you could get out of me. I was so cold I was blue!! Chuckle chuckle. We went back to that girls apartment and made some really good hot chocolate and got warmed up though. Im stockin up on my hot chocolate for days like this.

Bonus picture: So, there I havent seen much SoBe around to quench my thirst, but I've found a pretty good substitute: Fuze. My favorite flavor is Strawberry Guava. Strawberry Banana is pretty good too. I got Tony addicted to it too, so we decided to save up our cans and make a huge pyramid. Unfortunately I dont think the cans are the right shape to make a very big pyramid, but we'll see

Thats all for now! There are always more pictures to come...just give me a week or two


I know you boys have all taken some pictures since you have been away from here. PLEASE SHARE!! Let's see your sweet faces!! I want to see photographic evidence of what you have been maybe painting your face for the BYU game?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Funny Story

While dad is gone, I saw his Red Dirt T-shirt in his closet that he was been waiting for me to fix since we returned from Hawaii.....hole in the sleeve. I thought I would get it done today, and I did! I was very pleased. So, THEN, I thought I would fix Christopher's temple pants, which HE has been waiting for me to fix since he came home from his mission!! I dug around to find my measuring tape. I needed to fix the length to 30" instead of VERY long. I found the tape, I searched for the pants. I measured to see how much I would have to take off - - shockingly, they measured 30" exactly, and the sewing looked like mine....hmm, I guess I fixed them already and just forgot!! I have no remembrance of doing it. I think it is very funny. They are done, and I will send them to you Christopher. It is a funny story, isn't it?

S & P

Saturday was Sports and Party.

Kylie, Griffin and Quinn all had soccer - then Quinn had a Party at Lazer Star in Glendora. He had a good time, and I think he gave a great gift.

We had Tuna Casserole for dinner - yummy - then we watched a DVD - started promptly at 7:00am.
We watched Transformers.
The movie took until 10:00 to finish!! So many interruptions, I guess. I thought it was going to be the worst thing ever, but it wasn't. It was pretty good. I did want to FF during the fighting scenes. I didn't. It was very funny when a transformer would come on the screen and Griffin would call it by name - Kylie knew them too. I think Zak said, "they have names?" or maybe I was just thinking that. Then Griffin would jump up, run over to his toys, rummage, and come back with that transformer. He was very pleased.

Friday, October 19, 2007

bloon tower defense 2

click here to play bloon tower defense 2

I haven't played it once yet, but you can expect me to beat it, beat it without losing any lives, and beat it with the most basic tower, all within the next 30-60 mins.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Chase - out of hospital - YEA!
Zak - football - didn't lose - YEA! (the tied)
Kylie - invited over to dinner at our neighbors, the Meads.
Dad - up at Grandma's
Quinn - finished most of his homework before soccer - YEA!
Griffin - didn't fall to sleep at 5:30pm, it was close! - YEA!
Steven - has a cold - BOO!
Christopher - waiting for a check - YEA!
Mom - cooking eggs for dinner - YEA! (glad I finially decided what to make)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tuesday...lung day

As long as we are recording what is happening to our family - we might as well talk about Chase's lung!
On Tuesday, he went to the Health Center and discovered that he had another pneumo thorax. Steven and Christopher took him to the hospital where he had a chest tube put in. It was not pleasant, but it is done now. He is feeling fine. Waiting to see if his lung can stay inflated on his own.
Wednesday, he has had a lot of visitors, some came with donuts and milk.
Dad drove up to be with him.
Mom is holding down the fort at home.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday - at home

Loads of laundry
Loads of dishes
Post Office to drop off my E-bay sell.
Grocery shop.
Dad made Taco Soup for lunch...yum.
Sudden substitution for Pre-school, I will be teaching about the letter F. We will be doing loads of fun things!
Made Lasagna for dinner. I thought it would be so good, but to me, it missed. Everyone else liked it fine. There is still chocolate cake, that should be good.
FHE - we all read scriptures about the 2060 stripling warriors.
Tonight I hope to watch:
Prison Break
Journey Man
Samantha Who (will dvr it)
And maybe fold some of the laundry.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


We have tried to warn and help you several is against Steven's wishes. Yet, we cannot get through. Good luck on your Football Games!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Super Smash Brawl

Here are the characters that will officially be in the game, this is not full list, just what the official website is telling us atm; the list is growing constantly

Right now I'm thinking I'll use Mario most, then Sonic; Pit and Zero Suit Samus look kinda cool to. oh and "Lucas" is the equivalent of "Nes" and Ike = Roy. Quinn says thinks he'll use Wario most. The website also says lots of cool stuff, like you will be able to do 2 player adventure mode.


Pit Wario Zero Suit Samus Ike
Pit Wario Zero Suit
Pokémon Trainer Diddy Kong Meta Knight Snake
Pokémon Trainer Diddy Kong Meta Knight Snake
Lucas Sonic
Lucas Sonic
Mario Link Kirby Pikachu
Mario Link Kirby Pikachu
Fox Samus Zelda Bowser
Fox Samus Zelda Bowser
Donkey Kong Yoshi Peach Ice Climbers

Yoshi Peach Ice