Sunday, September 30, 2007

Soccer Saturday

Saturday, we watched soccer, like usual.
Kylie played first. She played forward.

Then Quinn played.
He played forward too. Sadly, I never got a picture with him AND the ball.

Then he played Goalie.

Later, Kylie went to a birthday party.
Dad went to watch the BYU game at the Christensen's house.
Happy BYU won.
I made egg mcmuffin's for dinner - very delicious.
We tried to watch Hero's.
By 9:30 Dad was home and I was so tired, I went to bed.

SUNDAY: Dad spoke on Faith in Sacrament meeting.
He got many compliments.
He even got comlimented on his hair!
I made spaghetti for dinner.
Zak finally did his house trash which he was supposed to do 2 weeks ago.
Zak and Quinn worked on homework.
Griffin amused himself with toys, (read mess there.)

Mr. 100% on a Physical Science test!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

My New Camera

Ok, this is me at the stop light going south on First Ave, at the intersection of Foothill.
Picture 1 I haven't moved, I just zoomed in.
Picture 2

Ok, this is Kylie in the car on her way to soccer practice.

Steven, I am trying to have Griffin break your "child labor laws" age limit. Here he is willingly, and happily helping to empty the dishwasher. He does the silverware. He likes it!

It is not pushing 100 lb. trash cans up at 45 degree angle drive way, but it is work.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Mother's Dreaded Sentence

"Mom, I forgot to tell you, but I have two projects due tomorrow, and I need your help".
It came from Kylie tonight...urg!
She had to make an insulated box, and finish a book report.
I helped her. She got done. The panic was short lived.
Oh, I forgot to mention, the sentence was said at 7:24pm, after playing at a friends ALL DAY.

Monday, September 24, 2007

We Are a Smart Family

Kylie came home today with her school work from last week. It was highly enjoyable reading. She had a questionare called All About Me. Here are a few excerpts:
What is your favorite sport: four square
I'm special because: I am the only girl in my family
The place I'd most like to visit is: Utah
The best thing about me is: That I am trustworthy
The person I most admire is: Mrs. Sarrail
The people in my family are: Very smart

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Quinn is a Deacon

Quinn passed the sacrament for the first time today. He did a great job. He was also the Bishop's messenger. Sadly, there were no messages to pass.
We had our sacrament meeting program today. Kylie did great. Griffin did great; he said he part right in the microphone and sang is "When We're Helping We're Happy" right in the mic also. His first (not meant to be) solo.
I played the piano. Let's just say I did great!

Friday, September 21, 2007


Ok, so, have you seen the 2 comments made by people we don't know? Personally, I think it is kind of funny. Zak doesn't think it is funny at all.

Yes, anyone with blogspot can comment on this blog. We can make it so that ONLY the authors of this blog can comment. Do you want to do that? Or do you just want to leave it like it is now.

That would mean all the rest of the family would have to make themselves an author so they could also comment....not just post.

In case you are looking for the most recent comment, it WAS under Zak's most wonderful updating post. Zak did not like the fact that some unknown made a comment, so he removed it. It was by Vacuum Sensi...he didn't like Mario Party 8, and he wanted us to put up a link to his site...vacuum vacuums.

My vote is to stay like we are.

what I've been doing

getting up for seminary is hard! I missed one day because I accidentally feel back to sleep when my alarm went off. I have a hard time remembering what we did after school is over. School if fine, except Spanish is really hard. I usually get home from football/school at 5'ish except on Tuesdays we have night practices (Mutual was changed to Wednesday) and on wed/thurs days we have games (only 1 game a week though) My history teacher gives a all our weeks homework on Monday and is due on Friday; I always end up doing it Thursday night. Spanish is teh only class that gives a ton of homework; without Dad it would take much longer to do

With football, I think my coaches are kinda stank. for our last game only a total of 15-16 people played (11 people are on the field for offense and 11 for defense). Our team has 35 people, so half the team didn't play (Including me). On the game Mom got pictures of me tackling that looked great, but on that play I actually messed up badly playing Corner.

I am able to wright this now because it's Friday, so football practice ended early. I do have weekend homework though.

I don't know if you know yet, but we bought Mario Party 8 for Wii. I played it twice on teh weekend we got it (no time on weekdays) and it is fun; we may need to buy 2 more WiiMotes, so we can do 4 player.

thats all for now folks

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Christopher's Update

It seems like blogging is always the last on the list to do while at school. That list seems to be longer and longer as school goes on and you put more things off. For example right now, I'm writing this so that I don't have to read an essay on Kant about Moral Theory for my Ethics class. It's just as bad as it sounds.

On Tuesday, President Hinckley came to devotional. The Marriott Center was packed. He basically gave what I call a "relief society" talk, telling us how great we all are and that he's proud of us. It was nice. He spoke some on the 13th article of faith.

I made the decision that I'm going to get my MBA after graduating. Details forthcoming. This is sort've a big decision for me because when I first came to college, I had no intention whatsoever in getting a higher degree. I'm happy though, I think it's nice. Just for the heck of it, I requested information from Stanford, UC Berkley, Dartmouth, and Purdue. I did all this while in an IT lecture that was droning on at school today.

I've been really busy at my work as a system administrator. Right now I have about $20,000 worth of new equipment sitting in my office. Two new servers and two old ones. They are making my office very loud and noisy. I've had to install them all from the ground up. We just hired 2 new system administrators to help share the work load. I was there to interview and hire both of them. It was interesting being on that side of the hiring process. Unfortunately, they have a lot I need to train them on, so I'm doing the server thing by myself for the time being.

I got a new phone, which I am very happy about. It is a LG VX8300. I'm going to learn to hack it and get free internet and other cool stuff off of it.

I am taking a bowling class and a guitar class. I take a fun class every semester...apparently this semester, I took 2. I bowled a 153 today. My highest score yet is 162. I am hoping to get over 170 before the class is over. I have my guitar sitting in a little stand right by my chair in my room. I play it every day. I'm currently learning how to do the finger picking for Dust in the Wind, by Kansas. I looked up an actual video on YouTube for how to do it, and I'm getting so I'm not that bad.

Just before the semester started, I went to Bryce Canyon in southern Utah. It was very beautiful. I've included a picture. I've had plans to make a photo gallery for my photos...but again, I haven't had a lot of time. Last Saturday I went tubing down the Provo river. That was a lot of fun too.

I think I've come down with a cold the last few days. I've used an unbelievable amount of tissues and taken allergy pills at night so that I can sleep. Hopefully I get over it soon.

That's about it for now!


Survivor starts tonight. I am very excited.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Everyone did what they normally do...

Dad - work

Mom & Griffin - shower, errands (I did buy a new memory card for my camera, though only took pictures of Kylie in the car on the way to soccer practice.) nap, made dinner, took children where they wanted/needed to go.

Christopher - called me, called Dad

Steven - don't know

Chase - called me

Zachary - football game - jammed his thumb in practice, bruising when I saw it, home 12 hours after he left (remember that C, S & C), dinner, back to the library to work on group Spanish project.

Quinn- finished homework early! scouts

Kylie - soccer practice, homework, shower

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Camera

Dad and I went shopping for a new camera today, and we were VERY successful.

We got this Panasonic DMC TZ3. It has a 10x optical zoom and an OIS stabilizer. Those are the best features. I just have to go and buy a memory card for it, then I will be on my way!!

Zak and Quinn are both off at their sport of choice. Griffin is like a wild boy - no nap and is running on fumes, making me a bit crazy. Dad is off to his meeting. Kylie walked over to Lydia's today, it worked well for all.

You Utah boys should blog about your Devotional today! Just tell us 2 sentences on how it all was.

Love you all lots.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Dinner According to Griffin

According to Griffin we had Rhinoceros and Pig for dinner. He enjoyed his imagination...he even saw the horn on the rhino and the eyes of the pig.

In reality we had chicken for dinner...and left over quiche.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Who is Zak and Who is Quinn - Or Sunday, Sept 16th

Today in church, Sis. Hix was speaking with "Zak" when she realized for the first time that she has always mixed up Zak and Quinn. She has apparently always thought Zak was Quinn and Quinn was Zak - until today! She went to talk to "Zak" about football and at that moment she realized her folly. Very funny. She enjoyed her conversation with the Real Quinn, very enlightening.

Later in church, Quinn got the Aaronic Priesthood conferred upon his head. Dad gave a beautiful blessing.

In Priesthood, Bro. Card, their teacher, had all the boys go into the chapel and do a dry run-through of passing the sacrament for Quinn. I thought that was VERY nice.

Zak tried to make a fancy switch with his Fantasy Football, when what he ended up doing was give himself -8 points....ha ha Dad is sure he is going to beat Quinn in their F.F today...Quinn thinks HE will win the game.

I would like to thank Zak for creating the picture for this post.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Soccer and Stuff

Ok - I think I will try to write daily - even if I don't have anything so interesting, then at least you (you Utah folk) will know you haven't missed anything too exciting.

Saturday - Soccer - I have more Griffin Soccer pictures, I did not have my camera for Kylie's game....I will do better next week.

Griffin actually kicked a goal today. He did great. He was very hot, tired, sweaty. I did not fall to sleep from 4:30 - 8:30pm like last week, so I was VERY is 8:08 right now, and he still hasn't fallen to sleep.

Ok, you know when you see a car and it is really dusty/dirty, sometimes people write in the dust, "I'm dirty", or "wash me", or "Kylie", or "Zak"....well someone here got far more creative, I don't know who, but I did take a picture of it....

Doesn't it kind of make you want to have a really dirty car so you can draw something creative in your dust?

I found the above dirty car in the Game Stop parking lot. Zak struck a great deal to buy "Mario Party 8". He and Quinn will both do their "list" for one week straight. They cannot play their game until they have completed their list for the day.

They found a used copy for a few dollars less. We were all happy.

Here are all three of them....I wonder where Griffin was...hmm

Kylie also had a party at a bowling alley today.

Zak and Quinn both had a Court of Honor - Zak had the opening prayer, Quinn was helping with the flags.

Dad had the BYU football game.

MOM is hoping this week to buy a new & better camera! One with a stabilizer so my pictures will NOT be fuzzy, better zoom, a few more pixels...just think how great my pictures will be! Any thoughts?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Football for Zak Game #2

Arcadia High Freshman played Monrovia High today....
Sadly, Arcadia lost
But Zak got to play in the 4th quarter
Here are a few pictures, ha ha
Zak is #23 - he plays way over on the other side of the field.
He wears black gloves.
Find him.

Disneyland Day

Griffin and I finally got to Disneyland today.
It was a nice, hot day, and really not too crowded. Griffin enjoying Buzz Lightyear. It is one of our favorite rides.
Posing, outside right after finishing the Buzz ride.
On the Merry-Go-Road

He always likes to ride this horse, right by the picture of the fire-breathing dragon.

This is the first time we have riden the Rocket Ride since Griffin was a tiny baby.

Here is is in charge of the Rocket controls!

Monday, September 10, 2007


I got bored today and decided to take a few pictures. I thought Mom especially would appreciate it.

So...where should we start...

Welcome to my room!

Me working hard on my fantasy football strategies. When I'm at home, this is usually where I am. There isnt much else to do, especially since we dont have a TV.

Hmm...what to wear...that printer on the 3rd shelf looks good. My closet is actually really big; Ive just got stuff cluttered everywhere

Ahh...the kitchen. Another fun place to be. I think I have Froot Loops and Capn Crunch in there right now. Ive also got some magic shell chocolate syrup in there along with cookie dough ice cream in the freezer. Bought it all at the creamery with my dining dollars.

Ok...time to go to school!

I hope you enjoyed my tour!