Monday, August 19, 2013

THings I saw at Disneyland

I will take pictures of some of the interesting people I see today.  Hopefully I'll update often.

It has been a FUN DAY!

Some big girls want to dress up like snow white too.

Monday, August 12, 2013

How Kylie and I spent our morning

Luke called this morning and wanted to play with Griffin.
While Griffin was getting ready, Kylie and I went out to play 30 minutes of tennis.
10:20 -10:50
It was fun!
We did bead up (read sweat) a bit.
On our drive back home, we called Griffin and he came out to the car so we could take him to LUKE'S!
Every time we go there, I always see the sign: Mt. Wilson this way.
I am always curious about that road.
After we dropped off Griffin (Luke was waiting in the front yard), I asked Kylie if she would like to explore the direction of that sign....
She said yes!!  Yea!
19 miles up to Mt. Wilson. I really had no idea what we would find.

There is an observatory up there. 
There are a few trails.
ONE trail will take you 8.6 miles down to Sierra Madre!
It was a beautiful and fun ADVENTURE!!
Sorry to all those that missed out.