Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Apartment!

So, after much duress, I found myself an apartment. I really like it (except for the price). It has 2 bedrooms - I plan on getting a roommate. I've had to buy myself dishes, pots, furniture...basically everything. It has been pretty wild.

Here is a panoramic of my living room area. It makes it look huge, but it is a full 360, not just straight across. You miss my new couch, but you can see it in the video.

Here is my bedroom. Brand new queen size bed.

And finally, here is a video of me giving you a virtual tour.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Golden Idea for a Business

A fish or a hamster or something like that - those pets die. You can regret getting one, but just wait it out - that's okay. A dog or a cat or a parrot (60 years or more!) are a different story. Once you've got it, there's a good 10 year commitment at least.

Pay me $300, and I will take your unwanted animal. No need to feel guilty giving it to the pound or having it put down - give it to me, and I'll keep your animal. (And, well, if I decide to put it down in the end, it's not on your conscience!). I could make a pet store, or have any number of things.

I would guess 1 in 8 customers will have a mother or father come in and give me their pets in the morning, only to have them come back in the afternoon with a crying child asking for it back. Well guess what? This pet has become very special to me, and I wouldn't think of selling it for less than another $300.

I think people everywhere could benefit from my business, and I will be a raging success. Running the first round of investors now.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Blood Drive

This is me - - giving blood for the 1st time!
Zak took the picture; missed the side that I was actually poked on.
It turned out GREAT!
I will report the numbers later.
It was a constant flow of people.
We are very grateful for the support!

Red Cross Blood Drive TODAY!

Zak is doing his Eagle Scout Project today!

He is promoting a

from 2 until 8pm

180 W. Duarte Road

The red brick church right across the street from Arcadia High School.
It's the The of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The Red Cross will be drawing the blood!
No worries, they are good at it!

Please come TODAY and GIVE!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2nd Day of Summer!

I started blogging to document the Summer of 2007.
I knew that would be one of the last summers where we were all together. It was true. It was also a great summer.

Last year I did the OFA's (Organized Family Activity, after the NFL's Organized Team Activities) that I documented in the sidebar. That was fun too.

For this summer I will document every day with pictures! No one has to miss anything, since we are being flung all over this US.

Here we go!

We have been watching the Lakers, the Dodgers and the World Cup.

Zak got us a free 2 week trial from a place that rents out by mail video games. Zak got the FIFA World Cup 2010. So, while not watching sports, he has been playing them on TV. Oh, and he has also been playing basketball in real life.

Candice went to Chicago with her family to visit family. She left her dog, Tigger, with us to watch.

Kylie and Griffin went swimming today! The pool tarp got our pool to a nice 87 degrees!
They wanted me to take pictures of them while they were both jumping up in the air. It took a few tries....

Quinn has enjoyed all the sports & the FIFA video game and also a little Disney Channel while eating an apple. Oh, and he might have pink eye.

Kylie was bored on DAY ONE; so I encouraged her to go and clear out a spot "out there" and plant a garden!! So that is what she is working on!! The temperature was in the high 80's today and yesterday it was 96 degrees! She worked outside anyway.

There you go; tomorrow will bring stories of:
me renewing my license at the DMV!!
Me getting my teeth cleaned
Z, Q & CJ playing basketball with "others"
Kylie going to softball practice
Griffin taking antibiotics for STREP THROAT!!
Those naughty children taking out the trash; which they better not miss the trash truck to, or REALLY, there will be trouble!!
SUGAR FREE TRAIN: Just fine...really no temptation. It feels great! Day 2 of week 1....
P.S. I know some of the pictures don't measure up with the caption...I am sick of trying to fix it. Just enjoy, please.

Monday, June 14, 2010


ok, I'm sure you will notice...something is different...

I tried to change the layout of the blog; just for a change.
I guess with church things, I do not like change, but with many other things I am happy for a little difference...I like to see new things.

I tried to freshen up this blog...
Things did not work out.
I am sick and tired.
I am going to read a book.
I will try to get this better tomorrow.

Oh...the sugar free 49 train...GOING WELL! Good for me!

I'm On The 49 Train

Ok, here are my thoughts:
I'm 49
When I hit 50 I want to look and feel the BEST EVER!
So, I'm going to go 49 weeks with NO DESSERT. I can't say no sugar because sugar is in everything; milk, fruits, vegetables, ketchup, bbq sauce...etc.
I can say I will not have desserts; no regular soda. I can have diet soda. No sugar cereals. No jello. (Zak likes to know all the rules, what I can eat and what I cannot eat.)
You may ask why 49 weeks? Really I am going to go 52 with a BUT:
1 week off in case we get to go to Hawaii again
1 week off in case we get to go on a cruise again
1 week off in case there is some other highly celebrated occasion.
That leaves 49 weeks.
I had birthday cake on my 49th birthday. I'll have birthday cake when I turn 50!
I welcome any HOBO train riders...ones that want to hop on and off at different stops along the way. I welcome any full time riders!
As Bumpa once said: "It was so powerful to sit and watch the other people eat a dessert and not eat it myself!"
I am going to enjoy some real power!
This is day one of week one. I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just To Whet Your Appetite!

I am NOW way too tired, but LATER I WILL post more tantalizing pictures of Kylie at her softball tournament and ME receiving presents for my birthday. I'll have much witty commentary.

For now, I can't wait to brush my teeth, put on pajamas and go read a book.

I also have a post rolling around my head about Getting On The Sugar Free will be fun....really...powerful and conquering. Coming soon.

Thanks to Candice & Candice's Neighbor, OH & to Zak, Kerry & Quinn

On Tues, June 8th, Candice took me out to lunch for my birthday. She would not be in town to celebrate with me on that day. She said to pick a place, whatever! So, I picked Tokyo Wako! It was SO fun! It reminded me of a time many, many years ago (27??) that my mother took me to lunch at Shogun. I have always remembered that lunch, it was fun, good and when I remember that I have a happy feeling. After so many years, it was time to make another!
Ok, that picture is not the Candice that we know, but I couldn't find one quickly, and that Candice plays a Candice on TV.....

The lunch was GREAT! It was such a treat. Thank you Candice! We talked and ate; what could be better! I am sure we entertained the other guest at the restaurant too.

Two days later, on Thurs, June 10th, Candice called me at 5:00pm. Her neighbor had just come to her door, offered her 2 tickets to the Dodger game which started at 7 that night! Did Candice want them?? She was leaving the next morning to go out of town, but knew that We at the Cole's house LOVED the Dodgers!!

That night was the Laker's playoff game; Kylie also had softball practice; what to do?? I called Kerry and from talking to him and Zak....Zak said, "it's obvious, you and Kylie need to go! We will stay home, watch the Lakers and eat dinner in front of the TV." So, that is what we did!!
Kylie did go to her practice; we got to the Dodger game was an adventure! We LOVED every part! We both said that we could go every night, come early, stay late and slurp up every moment.
Our seats were UNBELIEVABLE!! We were about 15 rows from the field!! Really, it was so great.
The picture is from my cell phone.

Friday, June 11, 2010

First, Last, 11, 49

If I had one hour a day where ONLY I had the power to move and do STUFF; then I could keep this blog up to date. BUT, I do NOT have that power, yet, so I shall continue to do the best I can!

Here we have Quinn & Zak's FIRST day of school for their 9th & 11th grade years:

Have they CHANGED much?? Here is what they look like on their LAST day:

Kylie had her 11th BIRTHDAY!!
She had an ice cream cake! She loved it. She also got a nice party and a little sleep over. I hope she remembers it for 365 days.

I just love this picture of Quinn. Let's all enjoy it for a moment.

I had MY birthday!! A friend (Tammy Harvey) brought over this box....

This is what was in it! So delicious!! This is after me, Zak & Quinn all had samples.

Here I am with my BIRTHDAY CAKE!! German Chocolate. Yum.
Then we went to Paco's for Lunch...that is Kylie, Griffin, me, Zak & Quinn....more yum
I had the Taco Salad
Zak had the Burrito Grande
Quinn had the Enchilada
Griffin had Chicken Strips
Kylie had Taquitos
We all enjoyed the chips and salsa. I said the salsa was as spicy as I would ever want it; Zak & Quinn said it hardly had any taste.

What was I whining about??
that was so easy to post/do.