Sunday, June 20, 2010

Golden Idea for a Business

A fish or a hamster or something like that - those pets die. You can regret getting one, but just wait it out - that's okay. A dog or a cat or a parrot (60 years or more!) are a different story. Once you've got it, there's a good 10 year commitment at least.

Pay me $300, and I will take your unwanted animal. No need to feel guilty giving it to the pound or having it put down - give it to me, and I'll keep your animal. (And, well, if I decide to put it down in the end, it's not on your conscience!). I could make a pet store, or have any number of things.

I would guess 1 in 8 customers will have a mother or father come in and give me their pets in the morning, only to have them come back in the afternoon with a crying child asking for it back. Well guess what? This pet has become very special to me, and I wouldn't think of selling it for less than another $300.

I think people everywhere could benefit from my business, and I will be a raging success. Running the first round of investors now.


Julie/mom said...

you are quite the humourist

Nana said...

I know of several you could get!! And I don't see any that you have - soo, this is a lot of talk!!