Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thanks to Candice & Candice's Neighbor, OH & to Zak, Kerry & Quinn

On Tues, June 8th, Candice took me out to lunch for my birthday. She would not be in town to celebrate with me on that day. She said to pick a place, whatever! So, I picked Tokyo Wako! It was SO fun! It reminded me of a time many, many years ago (27??) that my mother took me to lunch at Shogun. I have always remembered that lunch, it was fun, good and when I remember that I have a happy feeling. After so many years, it was time to make another!
Ok, that picture is not the Candice that we know, but I couldn't find one quickly, and that Candice plays a Candice on TV.....

The lunch was GREAT! It was such a treat. Thank you Candice! We talked and ate; what could be better! I am sure we entertained the other guest at the restaurant too.

Two days later, on Thurs, June 10th, Candice called me at 5:00pm. Her neighbor had just come to her door, offered her 2 tickets to the Dodger game which started at 7 that night! Did Candice want them?? She was leaving the next morning to go out of town, but knew that We at the Cole's house LOVED the Dodgers!!

That night was the Laker's playoff game; Kylie also had softball practice; what to do?? I called Kerry and from talking to him and Zak....Zak said, "it's obvious, you and Kylie need to go! We will stay home, watch the Lakers and eat dinner in front of the TV." So, that is what we did!!
Kylie did go to her practice; we got to the Dodger game was an adventure! We LOVED every part! We both said that we could go every night, come early, stay late and slurp up every moment.
Our seats were UNBELIEVABLE!! We were about 15 rows from the field!! Really, it was so great.
The picture is from my cell phone.

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