Thursday, April 12, 2012

NINJA in the Classroom

A few minutes before Griffin was to go to school, he told me that he would not have ANY recess that day. Sad for an 8 year old boy. I asked why. Apparently, yesterday he and his friend, Will thought they would play Ninja. They had finished all that they were supposed to do; they struck their pose, then decided maybe that was not a great idea and stopped. I wrote to his teacher to find out "the deal". She nicely wrote me back:

"the direction I gave was for the students to get into their seats, clean up
their desks and around their area, and prepare for the next task. As many
students were following the directions, I look over and see Griffin and Will
with arms and a leg raised and poised in a fighting stance about to engage. Even
in fun, this is not appropriate behavior in the classroom."

I'm sorry, this still makes me laugh; just the image of those boys posed as Ninjas. So let this be a caution to you all!