Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stick Your Neck Out!

It's time to make some guesses on

  • who will win the NBA Championship
  • How many games will it take

Make your guesses in the comment section, do you know what that is?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The First Black Mexican in the NFL

Ok, here are a few pictures of Chad Johnson. The whole story is a bit sketchy. Chad went to some football camp here as a lad. The guy that ran that is now some sort of coach for the 49ers. There is some connection between that coach and a kid at AHS. So, Chad came here to practice a bit with that coach. That coach also brought a few recruits (whatever that means). Chad spoke with AHS football team too. He pretty much told them that he may not have had the greatest season last year, but he is still the best; oh and remember he is the first black, Mexican to be in the NFL.

Here he is running one of his routes. This is taken from my cell phone. In real life, he is really tall, really black, runs fast.

This is the other thing he did a lot. I kept waiting for him to throw-up. He never did; but with all the kneeling down, he was either praying a lot or hopping he would not lose his cookies in front of all these adoring fans.


Here he is with one of the "recruits".

Will he catch the ball ?

Talking with his coach

Thursday, May 28, 2009

  • Griffin swam the WHOLE LENGTH of the City of Duarte Pool. He is 5! Great accomplishment.
  • Griffin jumped off the HIGH dive, twice!
  • Chad Ocho Cinco Johnson (a receiver on the Bengals) practiced at Arcadia High today! Zak, me, Candice, Teo and Griffin all saw him, oh, plus about 40 other AHS observers.
  • Candice and I practiced...we are singing in church (R.S.) on Sunday
  • I do have some fabulous pictures...will post them later, time for Basketball!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ten Years For Her

Today, May 19th, is Kylie's Birthday!
She is ten today!
Let's all have happy thoughts for her.
In Other California VOTING news:
We should all VOTE TODAY!
NO on 1a thru 1f
We don't want any more taxes!
If you are not sure where to vote, go to:
well, that's for Los Angeles County

Monday, May 18, 2009


Apparently, the price of stamps went up another 2 cents.
They are now 44 cents.
No one told me.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday This & That

Kylie's softball team keeps winning - championship game is on Tuesday! Her birthday - presents welcome

Kylie exchanged her biting hamster birthday present for 2 nice mice. They don't bite. They also don't look like this either. They have already gotten loose, grabbed again by Zak with Quinn's help.

From now on, I am really going to say, "excuse me, do you mine if I take a picture of your tattoo?" At the grocery store, again(!), I saw a woman that looked about 60 years old. She
had a huge tattoo of a pirate skeleton that was the length from

her knee to her ankle. I would have loved to share the actual thing with you.

On Sunday, Mike Miller spoke about music and its importance. (We need someone to do a post about the difference and importance of "it's" and "its".) It was a very good talk. I like music anyway. After he spoke, I could hardly get Quinn to sing. He says he was, but only he knows for sure. I certainly heard Griffin sing his "Alleluia"'s. He is still singing them. The song was All Creatures of our God and King. The other songs were unknown and not so good.

Angry Mother: who is the parent here?
Child: I am! Of the mice.

On the Chalkboard:
Don't make someone a priority in your life if you are just going to be an option in theirs.

Dwight Howard Pwns.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Proper Blogger

Ok, I realize that you can't have a blog, then not make posts....people don't check to see nothing! So, you may have been wondering What Have I Been Doing?? In case you haven't wondered, or don't care, just skip this post and go down to the next one, it is about a good recipe.

I made a list:
in charge of a stake baptism (church stuff)
in charge of a daddy daughter activity (church stuff)
in charge of a stake primary meeting (church stuff)
was part of my FIRST boutique! This means I sewed like a crazy person for a week.
Christopher & Steven came home for a few days! That was great - they called and told me while I was sewing for my boutique. We had a GREAT time.
started Griffin in swimming lessons - he is doing GREAT
doctor's appointments for Q
T-ball Games
Softball Games
the usual dropping off/picking up planning and making dinner
That's all

Here are a few pictures to make up for my absence:

One day Griffin exclaimed with delight that there was a lizard in our house! I yelled for the camera. Here are the pictures:
Zak holding it
close up

there it is, behind my sewing machine!
I enjoy all the stuff in this picture; so much to digest
My dad made comment one day that he loved my aprons! He suggested that I was missing a whole section of the buying public by NOT having any aprons for men! So, I went right out (to Los Angeles with my friend Holly) and got some fabric. I think they turned out great. All my men folk don't think they are manly enough - what?
Many people have looked at me with wonder when I explained my new "line" - "men don't wear aprons"! I thought they did. I guess my dad does. Christopher told me that he plans on marrying a woman that would know NOT to buy him an apron. I told him that he had better hope they all sell, or that was what was going to wrapped for him under the Christmas tree!
I am selling them as unisex aprons. I think they are great. Here is Quinn; modeling. I think he has a career!

Option #2
Shockingly (and appalling) none of my unisex aprons sold in the boutique. Holly said one lady carried one around for awhile, then decided she wanted a half apron. I guess she only wanted half her clothes to stay clean.

Here is my sewing bounty:
New green purse, tote bags (SOLD!) market bags - they are great; they both sold, baby blankets - that top one is "minky" fabric. You have to touch it to believe it. All those aprons! If you start with the striped one as #1, end with the pink as #5, numbers 3 & 4 sold

I LOVE this one! not sold

This is the last one I made; at the last hour; SOLD! I've had this fabric for 2 years!
There - that's all folks!

Dinner Success!

While watching Martha Stewart yesterday, she had on her make-up person to tell one of her favorite family recipes. It was for Chicken Enchiladas. Hmm, I like those. I paid attention and then I made them! She did say to make the enchiladas, then put them in the fridge over night (why?) then you bake them the next day. I did. They were great! Try them.

Here is a link to the recipe:

Let me know how you like them.

Now, for the snarky side:
Martha had on a few of her staff sharing their recipes. One of the people was using Filo dough. Martha asked if they ever made the dough from scratch because she had. They had not. That guest had his mother and grandmother in the audience. I thought it was so nice. Then he wanted to make sure he made a plate of food up just for them; Martha said, "oh, for me too!" She promptly picked up one of the plates of food and ate it. She said it was good. That was nice.

Then Martha asked if the Chicken Enchilada girl and her family had made the tortillas from scratch because she had; they had not.

I thought the exchange was funny and really quite "Martha".

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fat Period

A conversation with Griffin after his T-ball game. I am the "M" (mom), "G" is Griffin:
G: we got new journals today
M: really
G: everybody in class was just writing whatever they wanted in them
M: oh
G: Ms. Nho didn't like that
M: why
G: she wanted us to only write about Butterflies or Caterpillars
M: is that what you wrote about?
G: yes
M: how did you know how to write the word butterfly
G: I didn't
M: You didn't write the word butterfly?
G: no
M: did you write Caterpillar?
G: no
M: what did you write?
G: ----- (I heard fact; like he wrote a fact down, hmm)
M: You wrote a fact?
G: No!
M: What did you write?
G: Fat
M: Fat?
G: yes, fat
M: is that all you wrote?
G: yes; fat, period.
M: why
G: because I was going to draw a fat butterfly.
That's what's going on in a 5 year old's mind. That's how you write in a journal.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Free KFC Meal

Before 6pm Wednesday, May 6th, you must go to:
You can print a coupon there for your free dinner:
2 pieces of chicken
1 biscuit
2 individual sides
Then you have 2 weeks to use the coupon.
Go now, hurry!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Who Is This Boy?

Ok, Some Before and Afters

I was cutting hair, it was Griffin's turn. He asked for a new "do"!
Here is his before:

And After:

He asked for "spiky"!
This morning, he asked me to put more gel in his hair, then he was VERY specific where and how the spikes were. It was very funny. It looked good. Kind of reminds me of how Steven wears his hair (not in these pictures, but how I did it today.)

Whose Hair's Whose?

Guessing Game!
Here is all the air I cut on Saturday.
Now look at the next picture

Guess who the hair belongs to!