Saturday, May 30, 2009

The First Black Mexican in the NFL

Ok, here are a few pictures of Chad Johnson. The whole story is a bit sketchy. Chad went to some football camp here as a lad. The guy that ran that is now some sort of coach for the 49ers. There is some connection between that coach and a kid at AHS. So, Chad came here to practice a bit with that coach. That coach also brought a few recruits (whatever that means). Chad spoke with AHS football team too. He pretty much told them that he may not have had the greatest season last year, but he is still the best; oh and remember he is the first black, Mexican to be in the NFL.

Here he is running one of his routes. This is taken from my cell phone. In real life, he is really tall, really black, runs fast.

This is the other thing he did a lot. I kept waiting for him to throw-up. He never did; but with all the kneeling down, he was either praying a lot or hopping he would not lose his cookies in front of all these adoring fans.


Here he is with one of the "recruits".

Will he catch the ball ?

Talking with his coach

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Zak said...

he was really bad. He dropped as many as he caught, and we heard him say swear words after some of the drops.