Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maui, Hawaii 2011 Pictures

Oh, it was a great trip!
Glad Kerry/Dad earned it!

Here is a video I took of loud waves/surf hitting lava rocks. If you want to see more pictures, go here
We stayed at the Sheraton in Maui. I never went to the pool. Most
everyday I walked down to the beach; so convenient and SO nice! There is nothing like the beach on Maui. One day we drove the road to Hana. I enjoyed it! Kerry was glad for the accomplishment.
The pictures are in there backward...don't ask
me...I did my best.
Just enjoy the trip!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Day; It's Your Birthday!

Happy 22 today!!

Hope you enjoy your day!

Now, below, please enjoy the full page of your birthday song! It just came to me as I was thinking of you and your birthday! I thought everyone knew it! As I sang it, all I got were quizzical faces. I played it on the piano; still, nothing. So, the next time I see you, I will play it for you! Or, just try and hum along yourself.

You are always a joy.
You are always helpful.
Always so kind.
Quite and respectful.
So grateful you are part of our family!

We LOVE you!

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Basketball Tournament

Ok, Zak and Quinn played in a basketball tournament a few weeks are some pictures:

Sam Magnusson, Zak Josh Colton


We went on a MOM-Adventure today!
I looked in a book; found something we could do that wouldn't cost much money; it had the possibility to be fun; so I took some willing participants!

We went to Chinatown in Los Angeles. I had never been before; I think most of my children have been. It was fun; quick; LOW cost and I think we were back home in 75 minutes!

Here are a few pictures:

We went into a few stores; saw some trinkets; bought nothing. I enjoyed myself! At one point Quinn asked why we were walking SO fast; I told him we had to hurry; I only put enough money for 40 minutes in the parking meter. We got back in plenty of time.

We drove passed Olvera Street. We will come back and see that on Wednesday! I think we will get a churro while we are there. I know, you can hardly wait for the pictures!

A Conversation with Griffin

Griffin: how old is Christopher?

Mom: I will tell you a way that you will always remember how old Christopher is! He will always be 20 years older than you! Now, how old is Christopher?

G: he is 27!

M: that's right!

G: is he still going to school?

M: no, he is ALL done!

G: so he doesn't have any more school to go to?

M: that is right, he has NO more school.

G: Wow! That was fast!

Griffin Plays Baseball!

He plays "machine pitch"; just what it sounds like His team is the "A's". Pictures: Batting.... He made contact!
On first base!
His whole team out in the field...Griffin is the one crouching down.
Griffin in the field

Watch is face as he runs to first base; it's great!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lloyd Newell = Roger Goodell?

While watching music and the spoken word, I realized that in addition to teaching at BYU and speaking for music and the spoken word, Lloyd Newell has a side job as NFL commissioner. Maybe he can get the mormon tabernacle choir to perform at the draft.