Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pictures of THIS Week

Enjoy Zak's face because it is the LAST time you will see him with BRACES!

They are off today at 1:00! Griffin had a birthday -

opening presents; notice the JOY on his face!

with his cake
he WANTED a part with NO frosting

blowing out candles

his loot

I taught Kylie how to SEW some shorts!

These are ones she sleeps in.

A proud finish!

I found a recipe for the BYU Mint Brownies!

They were delicious!

Ok - That was the week - well some of it.

Now I must clean bathrooms

sort laundry

make a card

fix dinner

remember to pick Christopher up at the airport

continue to teach math to Griffin

clean the stove (I hope to get this done)

clean my room

I would like to sew myself a new purse too, will I have time?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Act of Desperation?

It won't help your draft be better than mine. Besides, I have numerous NFL sources who text me instant updates everyday.