Sunday, September 28, 2008

Queen Fabulous!

Who was the top point getter in F.F. today?
Who was it that could have beat ANYBODY today?
Who used to be on the loser side, but today is the TOP WINNER!!

If you guessed me, you are RIGHT!

I would also like to congratulate CHRISTOPHER for beating Steven! That was a feat!
And Chase beat DAD today!
In Other News:
I have NOT felt well at all! My throat has been so sore, like it has been scrubbed with a brillo pad. It has felt bad everyday since Wednesday. I am still suffering today. Christopher says I sound like a man. Now I am beginning to cough, which KILLS my throat all the more. I have been to the doctor, it is only a virus.
I am getting my screws out on Tuesday! So think about me at 11:00. Thanks, Steven, I am going to use your boot. If, for some reason it does not work out, I will just order myself up another one.

What Shoes Did YOU Wear To Church Today?

Raise your hand if you think this is the pair of shoes Quinn wore to church today.

Quinn is sure he did not.
I am not so sure....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

2 x 2 = 4

Guess who helped substitute teach in Kylie's classroom today?
Her class has a regular teacher, Mr. Homan. There is also a helper teacher. Kylie does not know why. There must be a student in that class that requires extra help. So, there are always 2 teachers in the classroom.
So, guess who it was!
The answer is in the comments.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who is the Supreme-O now?

Me. That's the answer. 3-0.

Bad Phlebotomist!

I am having the screws removed from my ankle NEXT Tuesday, September 30th.

In preparation for that, I had to get some blood drawn today. I don't think I have ever had a worse phlebotomist! She couldn't find a vein. She kept talking to me in CHINESE! Then when she was ready to poke me, it felt like she used a rusty fork! When she was done, she said, "hold this, 5 minutes. Bye, bye."

It still hurts. I feel a little bitter.

Why Did I Start Blogging

On Tip Junkie today, the question was asked, why did YOU start blogging. I had a great reason. I am glad I did. I have great memories.

I started in the summer of 2007. I realized it would be the last summer for a LONG time that I would have all my children together in one place. (There are seven, 6 boys, one girl!) My first two boys went on missions, we had one year until my next son would go. This was our last great summer! I wanted to document every day what we did, how we made it count. It was a great experience. I have tried to keep that up ever since. My third son is now in the Houston South Tx mission. He got there 3 days before Ike!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Useful FF Info!

Go to your fantasy football page, go to players, then standings - you will see a page like this.
The first column of numbers is headed: PF that means Points For. The next column is PA meaning Points Against.
Notice the order of who has the most points, down to the least. I was totally right in my Supremo Predictions!! This proves it. Now, these scores do NOT include this weeks games, as they are not over yet. Chase still has people to play tonight.

I would also like to point out that I have the MOST points scored against me - in other words, I have played the toughest teams! Very interesting.

Broccoli Pictures

While eating their broccoli the other night, I took pictures - here they are:

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Yea to BYU! 44-0 Good for you! Have you seen that "Mad Max" t-shirt. I would have one of those. They look great.

Yes, we did. We had broccoli for dinner, and it was good. It was only Griffin, Kylie and me, so no one really complained. Zak and Quinn had a youth activity at the temple and stopped at In and Out on the way home. Zak had a double double, Quinn had a regular hamburger. No broccoli for them.

Fantasy Football. I will have to make a few early morning decisions with my team tomorrow! Zak thinks I am crazy, but I am staying with Matt Cassel. Ben is on the bench.

Now I am going to bed to read and it's 9:33! I am the last to go!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hard Work at School

I am taking a woodshop class. It is a lot of fun, but honestly, quite a lot of work. Today I saw the first fruits of my labors. I have included before and after shots for your enjoyment:



Sports Talk With Mom

A couple days ago I was asking mom a lot of questions about our FF league and football in general, and this is a report of some of the stuff she says.

Over-all mom decided after our first 2 weeks, the numbers lie. the projections mom used to live by aren't reliable, so the new thing is how much "football knowledge you have"

The first thing I ask her was who's the best person in the league. Ultimately she says Dad's team is the best; but the 3 main big "SupremeO's" of our league are:
1. Dad
2. Chase
3. Zak
Dad's team got the most points of everyone both weeks and mom thinks he has the most football knowledge, so he gets the top spot
Chase's team did real well both times, and he's 2-0, so he's number 2.
My team is number 3 greatly because I have the second most football knowledge. It is notable that I am a SupremeO but Steven is not when my record is 1-1 and stevens is 2-0. that is becuase steven doesn't have good football knowledge and he's only 2-0 only because he played Quinn and Mom (two stank teams) and my loss is against Chase (a good team). Also, I outscored Steven both times.

then I asked mom who the worst team was. First she (surprisingly) said her team was the worst. Then she changed her mind saying she can't decide who the WORST is, but she says teh bottom three are her, Christopher and Quinn. She thought about it for a long time, and a lot of thoughts came out. She said quinn can't be last becuase Quinn's team is better than Christophers (Christopher tries really hard, but we talk about FF all the time and Chrisopher is low on the Football Knowledge scale).
The only teams mom hasn't mentioned yet were Steven's and Kylie's, so I asked which of the two was better; she couldn't decide.
So the final Mom Rankings are:
1. Dad ---2. Chase ---3. Zak ---4./5. Kylie/Steven (they are tied) ---6./7./8. Quinn, Chrisopher, Mom (but quinn is higher than chrisopher so he can only be 6/7)

Also, Mom is ANGRY at Christopher for taking Aaron Rodgers; he said he was gonna get Matt Cassel! Aaron was her guy!
The only other interesting thing that I asked was Who will get more wins, the Rams or Mom's FF team. She couldn't decide; but when she said "I can see myself getting zero wins" I said that the lowest I've seen the Rams projected was to win 3 games, then mom said "oh, then the rams are better".

these are all things mom said and are all Mom's opinions, not mine.

Things I WOULD Like IF

Yesterday's post was such a HIT, I thought I would do another, with a twist.
Here are a few things I would really like about my house IF......

Here is the desk in the kitchen.
It has been cleaned off often. Every time I cleaned it, it would be piled up again, so I quit cleaning it.
I would love it, IF it was clean!
Zak's dresser.
Who wouldn't love a clothes dresser!
But this one is always broken! Therefore, he cannot put his stuff in it. And wouldn't it be nice if his dresser had room to go in his bedroom?
What a novelty.

During the summer, I call the pool "Hotel California". It is like my resort. Very enjoyable. I don't like it when it is green!


Here is the front porch, which I adore, and I really like getting the mail...all except for the swarm of bees out there!
You can't see them in this picture, but believe me, they are there.
Look below.

These are just the dead ones. There are this many still flying around the mailbox, and the light. Very weird.

One thing I wouldn't change is the palpable love you can feel at home.

(I know, corny).

I Spy!

Not that anyone really cares, but I think it is funny....
This is the Foothills Middle School teacher going into McDonald's for lunch.
I should be a reporter.

On The Spot Reporter!

I learned today (from the mother of the bride), that
Jonelle Magnusson is engaged!
She is getting married in the Rexburg ID temple on December 27th!
Congratulations Jonelle!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

10 Things I Like About My House

I saw an "assignment" on another blog:

It was to make a post about 10 things you like about your house. I thought it interesting, then I clicked on some of the posts, then I thought of my own 10 things, so I thought I would DO my own post. Here goes! My items are in NO particular order:

#1 My Crutches
After having them under my arms for 7 weeks, it is very nice to see them leaning against the door!

#2 The Phone
If I can't move around very well, I can certainly use the phone to stay in contact!
#3 My Large, (if messy) table
I love that it is big enough to seat my whole family of 9!
(Don't judge, I am not really in control of things around the house right now.)

#4 The Rolling Office Chair in the Kitchen

It is a fabulous way to move around without standing on my broken leg!

#5 Fans!

It has been SO hot, I love being able to turn the fan on me and cool off!

#6 The Cast Shoe
This helps A LOT in being able to walk around while still in a cast.
I have found it is a great blessing to be able to walk and carry something!

#7 Couch Pillows

When my leg is bothering me, I know I can always lay down, put my leg up and in a while my leg will feel better. The pillows are great.

#8 T.V.

Ok, I enjoy the T.V.! I like Regis and Kelly.

#9 The Laptop Computer
It was been a lifesaver. I very much enjoy looking at all my blogs, searching the web for more. I can write letters to my missionary son, and send IM's to my college boys. There's lots to do.

#10 My Family

Ok, THIS is my favorite thing in the house!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What I Saw at the Grocery Store

First, right when I walked in, there were two boys/men (about CJ & ST's age) playing bloody knuckles! It went on for quite awhile. Kind of shocking bag-boy behaviour.

Then, I saw a man, who, apparently wanted to be taller (he was short), he was wearing high heal shoes! Like these, only a lovely chocolate brown. He had his pant legs lengthened so his shoes would not be so noticed, but I noticed. He should embrace his shorter stature! I would not have noticed him without the shoes.

Missionary News

I know we have many readers that are not family, which is great, I hope you enjoy your time here. If you know Chase, or would like some interesting news of Hurricane Ike in Houston, go to Chase's mission site!
He wrote a long e-mail all about Ike, how it was, what he is doing, the area he has been assigned. You'll enjoy it!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


We went to church. It was Stake Conference.
Dad made hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch. Quinn did wonder if hot dogs had a little bit of real dog in them.
I made Rice Krispy treats.
I wrote to Chase.
Missionaries came over.

Watched a bit of football.
Zak attempted a bit of homework.
I hobbled around the house without crutches!
I also enjoyed my favorite past time of looking at blogs, some people I know, some I don't. While looking at blogs of people I don't know, I found a VERY funny place that sells LDS note cards. Very funny.
We had waffles and eggs for dinner.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Are these your shorts?
Size 30
Found in the living room by the front table where CJ & ST's computer were.
I expect an answer from EVERYONE!
sweetly held by Zak
Photo's by Mom

Friday, September 12, 2008

Cast Boot

This is how I can walk on my cast. It still hurts. I think it is a bit better than yesterday.

Pictures - Sleepy, Usual, TMI

Dad took a few pictures 2 nights ago - -
Kitty, sleeping it off Recouperating from getting a new cast, which is always painful.
But this is how you could fine me 60% of the day.
That red lunch box is my medicine box. I don't go far without it.

I think Quinn took this of the bottom of my foot. It is kind of gross.