Friday, September 23, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Proud To Be

Today, while turning in GRIFFIN'S application to be a cub scout, I saw a friend. She asked how much scouting my children had done.

My happy reply, "I have 4 Eagle Scouts and my 5th is VERY close to finishing".

It was a nice moment for me.

Thanks, Christopher, Steven, Chase and Zak and the soon to be Eagle, Quinn!

In another conversation with Griffin, I told him that we would need to go home and google what the name of the end part of the shoelace was. Griffin quickly told me it was an Aglet! And it is spelled A-G-L-E-T.

I was most impressed!
Later, I asked Kylie if she knew; yes she did and she told me aglet.
Then I asked Quinn. He told me that he learned it from Phineas and Ferb! Today, I texted Zak and told him that Griffin knew what an aglet was, did he? He quickly responded with yes, and that I needed to watch more Phineas and Ferb.

Thanks, Phineas and Ferb for teaching my children.

For those who don't know:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What BUGS me Today!

Griffin's school has changed the company that is doing their school portraits. This new company wishes to charge way more than the last company. VERY Frustrating!!

To think that I got an 11 x 14 from Costco for $1.50 and this company wants to charge $15.00 for an 8 x 10. That bugs me!

I can't put the real picture up that goes with this "bug", because it would be inappropriate! I bugs me to see girls going to school with shorts so short that they BARELY cover their bums!! There IS a school dress code, but no one really cares but me. I don't think kids have to go to school dressed like pioneers, but come on, cover the tops of your thighs!!

Oh, I thought I was done, but WHAT are the MOTHER'S thinking about buying their little 11 year old daughters clothes like that anyway!! Think, people, think!

Ok, these shoes are a little ugly, but because of that, I kind of like them. I looked into how much they are, thinking maybe around $10 - $15. They are $45!! I have seen kids wearing these shoes and I know their families do not have much money. I don't get it. I also don't get spending money on cell phone plans that you don't need, but like, when you are scraping by to pay the electric bill. It reminds me of Pres. Obama's plan to raise taxes to solve the governments spending problems. Maybe, not spending so much would help too.

Ok, off my soap box now.
Must go do something productive.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Weekend

I could blog about a lot of different things, but I will start with today and we'll see where that takes us!

I was in charge of Sharing time in Primary. We were talking about the blessings that going on a mission brings. I decided to talk about CHASE! These are some of the pictures I showed! I printed them up big, a full 8 x 10! The primary kids loved them:

Chase pointing at the line where the water was during the hurricane

What was the name of that hurrican, I can't remember? What the hurricane did:

I showed a good picture of chase as a missionary, not this one, I couldn't find the one I used today, I put them one up for entertainment sake only:

It was a good message AND I showed Chase's yellow Mormon Hands T-shirt too!

Thanks Chase, you really helped me for primary today!

Songs we sang in church today:

Opening: Be Still My Soul

Sacrament song: O Saviour Thou That Wearest a Crown

Rest: Shall the Youth of Zion Falter

Closing: Master the Tempest is Raging

It was an interesting selection. Lots of verses and singing.

Now 2 pictures of Jayna, taken on Saturday, Sept 10th:

At Kylie's soccer game, her team won. The score was 1 to 0. She assisted in the on goal!

Griffin played his game too. He ran by and around the ball nicely. He did make contact a few times.

Quinn will start seminary tomorrow morning at 6:30! They are studying the Old Testament.

That's it!!

P.S. Now I have those songs swirling around in my head!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

First Day of School Pictures PLUS!

Ok, have you see the blogs where people put up several small pictures up, all together in a cohesive table, like 3 pictures in a line, two or three different lines?? I tried to do it, but I can't; don't want to take ALL the time to figure it out; have SO much to do. So, in YOUR mind, just see that!

Here are our FIRST day of school pictures:

All the while Griffin was complaining and questioning the reason for such pictures, why, do we do this every year, why, I don't want to, I can't be any more happy. So I told him he would not get a ride to school unless he smiled appropriately....nice...

Kylie Starting 7th Grade

Griffin starting 3rd Grade

Quinn starting 11th grade

My Sunflowers! Aren't they SO pretty? I love them. I must because they bring SO many bees!
It is amazing I have the nerve to go out there and water them!

The whole garden

A tiny beginning of a pumpkin and a zucchini:

A buttercup squash and a cucumber

NOW, I must go and start dinner....yes, it is 9:46am, but I want to get it done (Mexican Lasagna). Oh, on a side note, I am going to try to find a good VEGETARIAN Lasagna recipe. Kylie should LOVE that.

I must finish my slip cover, it is really looking good.

I am starving, so I must eat.

And I REALLY need to go see Jayna!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

For The Crafty

I accidentally found a new blog today:

darling button

I put the link over on the side.

It is GREAT!

Has lots of free printables.

It is filled with all the kinds of things I want to know how to make, but don't.

I am supposed to be sewing my new slipcover, but this was so much easier.

I'll go work on my slipcover now.

P.S. Can anyone tell me why, sometimes blogger chooses to make the spacing be double when I only want it to be single? It seems to happen after I put a picture on. It really bugs me.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Swimming With A Friend

We NEVER use the pool in September. It just seems we get too busy. The pool is not warm enough. Things just happen.

Well, it has been VERY hot....106 today; warm enough to keep the pool water nice! I was GOING to use the pool.

I went out, knowing I would have to skim the leaves off the top.

I pulled the tarp back and found something odd...

Do you see it?

Yes, that is my shadow...I think it is funny, but that is not what you are supposed to see.

I guess a rat got thirsty, or it was chased into the pool.

Yes, it was/is gross.

I got it out.

Thank goodness I used the pool!

Tonight I still must cut Dad's hair.
Put the tarp back on the pool.
hmm....I know there was something else!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Fantasy Football Draft: THE MOVIE


Here's a video of the start of our

Family Fantasy Football Draft

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jayna Julie Cole has ARRIVED!

2 hours old

7 lbs 10 ozs 20 inches long

She is so pretty! Look at her lips!

Let's take you back 3 days to Heather's baby shower:

The cake at Heather's Shower on August 31st:

Heather with a few of her gifts

Now, I take this close up to show you how tiny Heather's belly is!
She looks GREAT and she is going to give birth in 3 more days!!

Sweet family picture

Jayna is about 2 hours old!

Quinn holding Jayna

She's not drooling on him yet!

Kylie holding the baby

NOW, in the next couple of days, my plan is to add pictures about:
Griffin's Baptism
Our Fabulous Mexican Cruise
Quinn's Birthday
So, stay tuned!!