Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Swimming With A Friend

We NEVER use the pool in September. It just seems we get too busy. The pool is not warm enough. Things just happen.

Well, it has been VERY hot....106 today; warm enough to keep the pool water nice! I was GOING to use the pool.

I went out, knowing I would have to skim the leaves off the top.

I pulled the tarp back and found something odd...

Do you see it?

Yes, that is my shadow...I think it is funny, but that is not what you are supposed to see.

I guess a rat got thirsty, or it was chased into the pool.

Yes, it was/is gross.

I got it out.

Thank goodness I used the pool!

Tonight I still must cut Dad's hair.
Put the tarp back on the pool.
hmm....I know there was something else!!

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