Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What BUGS me Today!

Griffin's school has changed the company that is doing their school portraits. This new company wishes to charge way more than the last company. VERY Frustrating!!

To think that I got an 11 x 14 from Costco for $1.50 and this company wants to charge $15.00 for an 8 x 10. That bugs me!

I can't put the real picture up that goes with this "bug", because it would be inappropriate! I bugs me to see girls going to school with shorts so short that they BARELY cover their bums!! There IS a school dress code, but no one really cares but me. I don't think kids have to go to school dressed like pioneers, but come on, cover the tops of your thighs!!

Oh, I thought I was done, but WHAT are the MOTHER'S thinking about buying their little 11 year old daughters clothes like that anyway!! Think, people, think!

Ok, these shoes are a little ugly, but because of that, I kind of like them. I looked into how much they are, thinking maybe around $10 - $15. They are $45!! I have seen kids wearing these shoes and I know their families do not have much money. I don't get it. I also don't get spending money on cell phone plans that you don't need, but like, when you are scraping by to pay the electric bill. It reminds me of Pres. Obama's plan to raise taxes to solve the governments spending problems. Maybe, not spending so much would help too.

Ok, off my soap box now.
Must go do something productive.


Heather said...

I actually kind of like tom's brand shoes :) not enough to spend 45 on them though. Steven and I have been discussing often how people don't know how to cut back on spending, but more importantly, lifestyle. He has seen some interesting welfare support given to others, and the kids in these families have smart phones with data plans, tons of electronics, etc. It's frustrating because steven and I are just fine financially because we don't have superfluous comforts. We have nice things and a good lifestyle because we save for everything we have, and don't go in to debt to buy any luxury items. The whole spending/ saving thing bugs me in this world. I don't like that our frugal living pays for others who don't know how to curb their spending. Ugh.

Zak said...

at least no one misused the word "literally"

Chase said...

Yeah, Toms are kind of the new fad that's going around. A lot of people have them. Their big thing is that for every pair of shoes they sell, they will give a pair to a child in need. I know they come out of Argentina (hence the Argentina flag on the back of the shoe), and Christopher said people have them all over in Argentina