Monday, April 4, 2011


We went on a MOM-Adventure today!
I looked in a book; found something we could do that wouldn't cost much money; it had the possibility to be fun; so I took some willing participants!

We went to Chinatown in Los Angeles. I had never been before; I think most of my children have been. It was fun; quick; LOW cost and I think we were back home in 75 minutes!

Here are a few pictures:

We went into a few stores; saw some trinkets; bought nothing. I enjoyed myself! At one point Quinn asked why we were walking SO fast; I told him we had to hurry; I only put enough money for 40 minutes in the parking meter. We got back in plenty of time.

We drove passed Olvera Street. We will come back and see that on Wednesday! I think we will get a churro while we are there. I know, you can hardly wait for the pictures!

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Christopher said...

That picture of Quinn is awesome