Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday This & That

Kylie's softball team keeps winning - championship game is on Tuesday! Her birthday - presents welcome

Kylie exchanged her biting hamster birthday present for 2 nice mice. They don't bite. They also don't look like this either. They have already gotten loose, grabbed again by Zak with Quinn's help.

From now on, I am really going to say, "excuse me, do you mine if I take a picture of your tattoo?" At the grocery store, again(!), I saw a woman that looked about 60 years old. She
had a huge tattoo of a pirate skeleton that was the length from

her knee to her ankle. I would have loved to share the actual thing with you.

On Sunday, Mike Miller spoke about music and its importance. (We need someone to do a post about the difference and importance of "it's" and "its".) It was a very good talk. I like music anyway. After he spoke, I could hardly get Quinn to sing. He says he was, but only he knows for sure. I certainly heard Griffin sing his "Alleluia"'s. He is still singing them. The song was All Creatures of our God and King. The other songs were unknown and not so good.

Angry Mother: who is the parent here?
Child: I am! Of the mice.

On the Chalkboard:
Don't make someone a priority in your life if you are just going to be an option in theirs.

Dwight Howard Pwns.


Steven said...

It's --> A contraction, "it is"

Its --> Shows possession, as in "The TV has its own remote."

Julie/mom said... gave a GREAT example. I thought it would be far more complicated than that. AND I used "its" right. Thank you.