Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fat Period

A conversation with Griffin after his T-ball game. I am the "M" (mom), "G" is Griffin:
G: we got new journals today
M: really
G: everybody in class was just writing whatever they wanted in them
M: oh
G: Ms. Nho didn't like that
M: why
G: she wanted us to only write about Butterflies or Caterpillars
M: is that what you wrote about?
G: yes
M: how did you know how to write the word butterfly
G: I didn't
M: You didn't write the word butterfly?
G: no
M: did you write Caterpillar?
G: no
M: what did you write?
G: ----- (I heard fact; like he wrote a fact down, hmm)
M: You wrote a fact?
G: No!
M: What did you write?
G: Fat
M: Fat?
G: yes, fat
M: is that all you wrote?
G: yes; fat, period.
M: why
G: because I was going to draw a fat butterfly.
That's what's going on in a 5 year old's mind. That's how you write in a journal.

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