Friday, May 15, 2009

Proper Blogger

Ok, I realize that you can't have a blog, then not make posts....people don't check to see nothing! So, you may have been wondering What Have I Been Doing?? In case you haven't wondered, or don't care, just skip this post and go down to the next one, it is about a good recipe.

I made a list:
in charge of a stake baptism (church stuff)
in charge of a daddy daughter activity (church stuff)
in charge of a stake primary meeting (church stuff)
was part of my FIRST boutique! This means I sewed like a crazy person for a week.
Christopher & Steven came home for a few days! That was great - they called and told me while I was sewing for my boutique. We had a GREAT time.
started Griffin in swimming lessons - he is doing GREAT
doctor's appointments for Q
T-ball Games
Softball Games
the usual dropping off/picking up planning and making dinner
That's all

Here are a few pictures to make up for my absence:

One day Griffin exclaimed with delight that there was a lizard in our house! I yelled for the camera. Here are the pictures:
Zak holding it
close up

there it is, behind my sewing machine!
I enjoy all the stuff in this picture; so much to digest
My dad made comment one day that he loved my aprons! He suggested that I was missing a whole section of the buying public by NOT having any aprons for men! So, I went right out (to Los Angeles with my friend Holly) and got some fabric. I think they turned out great. All my men folk don't think they are manly enough - what?
Many people have looked at me with wonder when I explained my new "line" - "men don't wear aprons"! I thought they did. I guess my dad does. Christopher told me that he plans on marrying a woman that would know NOT to buy him an apron. I told him that he had better hope they all sell, or that was what was going to wrapped for him under the Christmas tree!
I am selling them as unisex aprons. I think they are great. Here is Quinn; modeling. I think he has a career!

Option #2
Shockingly (and appalling) none of my unisex aprons sold in the boutique. Holly said one lady carried one around for awhile, then decided she wanted a half apron. I guess she only wanted half her clothes to stay clean.

Here is my sewing bounty:
New green purse, tote bags (SOLD!) market bags - they are great; they both sold, baby blankets - that top one is "minky" fabric. You have to touch it to believe it. All those aprons! If you start with the striped one as #1, end with the pink as #5, numbers 3 & 4 sold

I LOVE this one! not sold

This is the last one I made; at the last hour; SOLD! I've had this fabric for 2 years!
There - that's all folks!


Kathleen said...

Scott has several manly aprons that he wears regularly in the kitchen. He even has one he wears with he is working in his workshop. His mom made them for him. Everyone is always so shocked to see him wearing an apron. He is quite handsome when he wears his aprons.

Elizabeth said...

Hmm. I think men wear "smocks," not "aprons." Little do they know it is the exact same thing.

Nana said...

It takes a REAL MAN to wear an apron. Dad "Gary- Bart" wears them when he barbecues and other times, as well. He'll even put on one of mine with ruffles! That is what he wore on Mothers Day. Sorry, I never got a picture of him.