Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2nd Day of Summer!

I started blogging to document the Summer of 2007.
I knew that would be one of the last summers where we were all together. It was true. It was also a great summer.

Last year I did the OFA's (Organized Family Activity, after the NFL's Organized Team Activities) that I documented in the sidebar. That was fun too.

For this summer I will document every day with pictures! No one has to miss anything, since we are being flung all over this US.

Here we go!

We have been watching the Lakers, the Dodgers and the World Cup.

Zak got us a free 2 week trial from a place that rents out by mail video games. Zak got the FIFA World Cup 2010. So, while not watching sports, he has been playing them on TV. Oh, and he has also been playing basketball in real life.

Candice went to Chicago with her family to visit family. She left her dog, Tigger, with us to watch.

Kylie and Griffin went swimming today! The pool tarp got our pool to a nice 87 degrees!
They wanted me to take pictures of them while they were both jumping up in the air. It took a few tries....

Quinn has enjoyed all the sports & the FIFA video game and also a little Disney Channel while eating an apple. Oh, and he might have pink eye.

Kylie was bored on DAY ONE; so I encouraged her to go and clear out a spot "out there" and plant a garden!! So that is what she is working on!! The temperature was in the high 80's today and yesterday it was 96 degrees! She worked outside anyway.

There you go; tomorrow will bring stories of:
me renewing my license at the DMV!!
Me getting my teeth cleaned
Z, Q & CJ playing basketball with "others"
Kylie going to softball practice
Griffin taking antibiotics for STREP THROAT!!
Those naughty children taking out the trash; which they better not miss the trash truck to, or REALLY, there will be trouble!!
SUGAR FREE TRAIN: Just fine...really no temptation. It feels great! Day 2 of week 1....
P.S. I know some of the pictures don't measure up with the caption...I am sick of trying to fix it. Just enjoy, please.

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Heather said...

You've inspired me to take more pictures! I remember those times during my summers when I'd go up to mom and say "I'm bored!" I wish I had those bored times now :)