Friday, June 11, 2010

First, Last, 11, 49

If I had one hour a day where ONLY I had the power to move and do STUFF; then I could keep this blog up to date. BUT, I do NOT have that power, yet, so I shall continue to do the best I can!

Here we have Quinn & Zak's FIRST day of school for their 9th & 11th grade years:

Have they CHANGED much?? Here is what they look like on their LAST day:

Kylie had her 11th BIRTHDAY!!
She had an ice cream cake! She loved it. She also got a nice party and a little sleep over. I hope she remembers it for 365 days.

I just love this picture of Quinn. Let's all enjoy it for a moment.

I had MY birthday!! A friend (Tammy Harvey) brought over this box....

This is what was in it! So delicious!! This is after me, Zak & Quinn all had samples.

Here I am with my BIRTHDAY CAKE!! German Chocolate. Yum.
Then we went to Paco's for Lunch...that is Kylie, Griffin, me, Zak & Quinn....more yum
I had the Taco Salad
Zak had the Burrito Grande
Quinn had the Enchilada
Griffin had Chicken Strips
Kylie had Taquitos
We all enjoyed the chips and salsa. I said the salsa was as spicy as I would ever want it; Zak & Quinn said it hardly had any taste.

What was I whining about??
that was so easy to post/do.

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Heather said...

haha! I love all the pictures from Paco's...and how everyone looks really full! Sounds like life has been keeping you all busy!