Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm On The 49 Train

Ok, here are my thoughts:
I'm 49
When I hit 50 I want to look and feel the BEST EVER!
So, I'm going to go 49 weeks with NO DESSERT. I can't say no sugar because sugar is in everything; milk, fruits, vegetables, ketchup, bbq sauce...etc.
I can say I will not have desserts; no regular soda. I can have diet soda. No sugar cereals. No jello. (Zak likes to know all the rules, what I can eat and what I cannot eat.)
You may ask why 49 weeks? Really I am going to go 52 with a BUT:
1 week off in case we get to go to Hawaii again
1 week off in case we get to go on a cruise again
1 week off in case there is some other highly celebrated occasion.
That leaves 49 weeks.
I had birthday cake on my 49th birthday. I'll have birthday cake when I turn 50!
I welcome any HOBO train riders...ones that want to hop on and off at different stops along the way. I welcome any full time riders!
As Bumpa once said: "It was so powerful to sit and watch the other people eat a dessert and not eat it myself!"
I am going to enjoy some real power!
This is day one of week one. I'll keep you posted!

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