Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'll Huff and Puff and BLOW your Trees Down!

Wednesday night, November 30, 2011, the winds blew with great force. I heard a report that at times the winds blew 90 MPH. We heard it and it was scary. Our electricity went out at 10:00pm. Who knew...I thought it would be back on in a few hours. I wondered about how we would wake up in time for school. Little did I know.

Our electricity was out for 5 1/2 days. Our city looked like a tornado hit it, BUT, thank goodness, no houses were blown down; just a lot of trees. On Thursday morning, I drove around and took pictures. It was amazing. No school Thursday or Friday. Monday, Quinn went to school, Tuesday all the children went to school and a few hours later the electricity came on! Yea!
Here is my reporting:
This is a couple of blocks from our house. On the corner of Wilson and Sierra Madre. I think a very old lady lives here. The tree is still like this one week later.
The blessings of having a pine tree:

Ok, I have SO many more pictures to show you, I have put them up on Picassa.

Here is a link:

Mom/Nana: click on the line above. When you get to the pictures, click on the small pictures and they will get bigger, then there is an arrow (kind of light, so look) at the side of the picture that you can press to see the next big picture.

It gets better...or worse, depending on your perspective.