Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2 Socks and a Shoe

Conversation with Luke's Mom, Allison:

(Griffin was 9 houses down, at Luke's; playing.)

Me: I Allison! There are a lot of trucks down the street, I just wondered if the boys might enjoy walking down there and seeing all the trucks and workers.

Allison: That would be fine, but did you know Griffin came over this 2 socks and one shoe on?

Me: What? He was going to ride his bike... (I found out later, he told me he forgot about his bike).

Allison: Well, I saw him come in the door with 2 socks and one shoe.

Apparently, Griffin had a lot on his mind....


Christopher said...

so he left the house missing a shoe?? he walked down the street without a shoe??

Julie/mom said...

Yes, Christopher, correct. I asked him later why he left wearing only one shoes and he said he couldn't find it; it would take too long to look, so he just left without it.

That's how is brain works!

Christopher said...

Well that explanation completely makes sense to me. I'm not even kidding...I might have done the same!