Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Full, Wet and Seedy

A little background for this post:

We have eaten cantaloupe lately (great prices; on sale!). Zak saw me cutting the cantaloupe the other day and told me that it just makes him sick to see the inside of the "uncleaned out" cantaloupe. I quickly cleaned out the cantaloupe; I didn't want any sick children.

Now the Blog Post:

We just finished watching Survivor! It was so good. We decided that this year there are WAY more "weird-os" on the show. We really enjoy it.

Then I was switching around and saw a bit of: Hoarding: buried alive! It is such a car wreck of a show. Interesting. It is also a show that helps people. (That's my defense in watching it.)

Zak said: "watching that show kind of makes me feel like cantaloupe; a little sick."


Heather said...

we still haven't watched this weeks survivor. I've been waiting for Steven, and he has had a few late nights recently.

As to hoarders, I can't watch that show. It makes me feel sick as well, and so thankful that I have ZERO hoarding tendencies. If I haven't used it in a year (well, within reason obviously)'s outta here! I think the world would be a better place if people lived by that rule :)

On the same subject, guess what our big plans are for this weekend? Spring cleaning!

Heather said...

p.s. I just had a dream that you announced on your blog that you bought a new dag, and Zak named it Aha! Bizarre.