Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Looks SO Good!

I have kept this bar in my car for a few days. My goal was to see if anyone would try it and then to my own delight, see their face as they chew. My latest victim was Zak. He saw it, couldn't wait to try it. Really, it is a disgusting bar. You can't help but screw up your face. He did well. I had to spit my bite out. I think he swallowed. Just a little joy in my day. If I wasn't going to get my money out of eating the bar, then I got my money's worth out of people's faces when they ate one bite.

Sorry, Lara. You just aren't our bag.

Other victims: Kylie and Quinn
Thank you

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Zak said...

I saw the bar on the way to church on fast Sunday, and the whole 3 hours I was waiting for us to get back to the car so we could pray, break out fast and I eat it. It has one of the biggest looks really good, but tastes Really bad differences