Friday, March 4, 2011


What is this number: 54,902

What "drug" is Charlie Sheen on:

How many books do you think Kylie has read this week?

And now, in thanks for your participation, here is a funny made me laugh:
(Thanks, Hillary)


Steven said...

Charlie Sheen is getting high on Charlie Sheen!

Steven said...

I forgot the other questions: I am guessing Kylie has read 3 books.

Fifty four thousand nine hundred and two.

Heather said...

darn, steven got to the charlie sheen one before me. It's a good thing that my life is already winning!

54902 is the number of seconds you've spent running.

I think that Kylie has read 5 books this week. If she keeps up at this rate there will be no more good books out there to read after next month!

Chase said...

54,902 is the population of Arcadia according to the green sign on the side of the freeway at the Arcadia city limits.

I would guess the "drug" Charlie Sheen is on is alcohol.

I would guess Kylie has read 4 books this week.

Julie/mom said...

Thanks for playing!

Steven got the drug: Charlie Sheen
google: Jimmy Fallon doing Charlie Sheen. It is VERY funny. Jimmy Fallon looks just like Charlie Sheen and everything that Jimmy says is what Charlie has said lately.

Heather got the # of books!! Yes, Kylie has read 5 books this week. 3 of those are Brandon Sanderson's YA series ALCATRAZ. She would read parts to me while laughing. She enjoyed them.

Chase got the number 54,802...YES, that is the population of Arcadia. You see it every time you come into the city limits.

Now, Good LUCK to BYU on Saturday!! They need it!