Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2011...Who Knew?

While running the other day, my mind started wandering on my children.

I thought about Kylie, turning 12! She will start Young Women's. She will do Personal Progress!! I thought we should do something special for her; growing up; moving on. I know it is right, but sometimes I want to squish them down. What happened to my tiny, baby girl?

Then I remembered Griffin would be baptized this year!

That's BIG! My youngest child turning 8!

And then Zak, turning 18!
Graduating from High School.
My 4th child to do so!
Accepted to BYU...also the 4th.
Getting his driver's license.
Oh, and he will probably get his braces off, ha ha.

It's a big year for him!

And Heather and Steven having a baby!
That is BIG!
Steven getting the news that he passed all of his CPA exams!

Quinn will be 16!
He can get his driver's license...will he?

Christopher getting in a car crash and having his car totaled! Who knew? Would we want to know?

Chase, what is your news of 2011??

I think that is A LOT of BIG things to happen in one family in one year.


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Heather said...

Big families mean big milestones. What an exciting year for everyone! We are glad to be so near to be apart of it all!