Monday, March 14, 2011

Order of Operations

Correct order of CAR Operations:

1. Park at destination
2. Turn off motor
3. Hold keys in hand
4. Get out of car
5. Lock doors
6. Walk away

Forgetting numbers 2 & 3 are just troublesome:
1. Park at destination

4.Get out of car
5. Lock Doors
6. Walk away
7. Get a sinking feeling

Hmm...anyone join the club lately??


Christopher said...

I always keep a spare key in my wallet. It has really saved me in some of the worst places (I only ever seem to lock my keys in my car up in the mountains, etc.)

It doesn't have to start your car - only open the door. I just picked the smallest key I could...cost me $5 to create.

Heather said...

I believe that Steven did this once...except he left his car on and running for hours.

Julie/mom said...
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Zak said...

not funny