Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another Cole Family Tradition

I sent Zak an e-mail this morning about what I thought we should have for dinner. You know, dinner, that meal that is always coming, what you always have to plan and hopefully make people happy about. I thought I would just ask Zak's opinion. I know he checks his e-mail in 3rd period. Kerry checks his e-mail, but happily, he seems always to be happy with what is placed before him. Here is Zak's and my
e-mail exchange:

REALLY: I think we will have large, baked potatoes for dinner tonight.
I'll have cottage cheese to eat with them.
Maybe some fruit too.

I think it will be good and filling!
If you have objections or anything to add; now is the time!

Much Love,

sounds good, keeps with the cole family side-dish as a main course theme. you could add something like rolls and green beans in there too

What is funny is that I NEVER considered Zak's thought about "our Cole family" tradition! But it is true! I do like a good side-dish for a main course. Funny to me! This is just how my brain works. If I add extra things to dinner it is always a nice bonus.


Heather said...

When are baked potatoes EVER a side dish? I've been to restaurants where they are a main entrée...I have to disagree with Zak on this one.

Heather said...

I take half of my statement back. I have also seen baked potatoes as sides to steak, but I commonly see them as entrées as well. Phew! Said my piece :)

Janelle said...

Oh, the big "what am I going to make for dinner?!" question.

Once, I served "funeral potatoes" as a main course. My sister-in-law commented, "well, that's a good idea! I've only seen that served as a SIDE!"

Oops. That never occurred to me...