Saturday, June 15, 2013

Quinn Graduates!

YOU may not have been here, but I took pictures...156 of them (Dad took some of those). 
It will be just like you were there!

Before we left home, in the backyard.

(Just so you know, I have TRIED to make the pictures size Medium then put them side by side, but they won't go!! It may work if I make the pictures size small; but I am NOT willing to make the pictures that small. So, just enjoy extra large pictures!!

Now, here is Quinn walking to his seat. He likes plenty of personal space, if not behind him, then in front of him. He is not the beginning of the line. There is someone in front of him, just not in the picture frame.


At his seat! Maybe looking for us...

I think he sees us! I did have a nice, large sign that said, "Quinn". 

And a wave!

And the crowd!

The view...beautiful

Quinn getting up to walk over to get his diploma!

Quinn walking with purpose!

Now, I have positioned myself down by the line of graduates. We are sitting well up in the stands. I am YELLING, "Quinn!, Quinn!, Quinn". He doesn't hear me.

Does he hear me??

Yes he does!

And a wave!

I like the movement of his tassel.

Dad in the stands taking pics with his phone.

Ok! The lady is reading his name!

He has received his diploma!

He is probably telling the lady a joke.

The turning of the tassel!

Throw your hat in the air.

Quinn and Dad

Quinn and Mom

Quinn and Friend...will post name later.

It was a lovely occasion!
We'll review and do this (a graduation of Quinn) again in 6 years

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pollydove said...

Hi Julie! I clicked over from Facebook. Great pictures! You know I like them LARGE! LOL! Pretty cool that the ceremony was held at Santa Anita! Is that a tradition?!