Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Photographic Portfolio

Sunday afternoon, apparently, Griffin chose to use that time to increase his photographic portfolio. I had no idea until I downloaded the pictures to the computer. Hmm, what has he been up to:

A self portrait...
one million dollars if you can figure out where he took this picture...quite ingenious
me, sleeping cocoa, the dog; or Dog - as I call him, or is it a her?

cat Kylie sleeping!

more cat

really, an old computer in the trash...
he opened the trash can and took the picture

a picture of a picture of Griffin

and we'll end with a happy self portrait

can you guess where this one was taken...be precise!

**Please know that I have tried to fix the placement of the pictures and the captions SEVERAL times; google just has other ideas about the layout, I guess...a little frustrating when I think I am the boss!


Chase said...

I cant figure out where the first one was taken, but the second one was taken in the mirror in front of the front door

Steven said...

I'm going to guess that the first one was taken in front of the microwave

Julie/mom said...

I am SHOCKED, Steven, although I shouldn't be, that you figured it out! That is exactly where Griffin took that picture!

Your check is in the mail.