Monday, September 20, 2010

Zak's Court of Honor

Jeffrey Stacy, Zak Cole, Jared Colton
photo by Larry Steimle
Zak had his Court of Honor on Saturday, Sept 18th.
It was a lovely evening!
It started with a dinner at the Ward building with friends. Jared Colton also got his Eagle. It was Jared's Mother's idea to have the dinner. It turned out very nice.

Here are the 2 Eagle ScoutsFabulous Leaders

Bishop Dunham, Larry Daines (runs the Court of Honor), Kerry, Scott Colton

Scouts at the meeting

Brother Daines Conducting with Kent Cornwall in the background

Zak and Jared's EAGLE Table

at the Court of Honor

QUINN got the rank of Life

for these next 3 pictures, I tried to fool around with where they "sat" on the page. It didn't turn out like I had hoped. Just enjoy that you get to see them! (You know all this picture adding takes forever!)


The Sweet Newlyweds!

Heather can't make a face I don't love!

Then, they had this GREAT slide show! I have been trying to get it up here, but no luck so far. I will NOT give up. For now, just enjoy this opening picture. The slide show was created by Kent Cornwall.

Kerry introduced Zak. He did a great job.

A self-portrait of Griffin

The Eagles taking their EAGLE CHARGE

There were 3 Eagles that night:

Jeffrey (not Jimmy, STEVEN!) Stacy, Zak and Jared

That is Bishop Dunham giving the Eagle Charge

by the way, I am a fan of the "dark head in the way".

Zak "pinning" his parents


I don't think you can see Kerry on here, he is probably shaking Jared's hand; BUT you should see Steven, Kent Cornwall and Jared's 2 uncles at the end of the line OK! All of these next 3 pictures were SUPPOSED to be in a horizontal line, not a vertical line!

Troop 115's leaders

Sweet boys

Troop 115

What is the face I am making??

Zak with his EAGLE MEDAL!

Zak next to the Eagle Picture

The little remnants of the family


Quinn said...

I was almost kicked out of the little family

I was talking with friends when all of a sudden I saw everyone else grouped up to take a picture without me, I had to run in the picture at the last second

Sharron said...

I enjoyed the pictures. Wish we were there to congratulate the Arcadia Ward boys in person.