Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eight Pieces of News

A list of odd, but true pieces of news:
1. I found another (now the forth) 90% decapitated rat in our backyard this morning.
2. there is a dead baby bumble bee in the back yard
3. the fly catcher is getting very full; it kind of stinks. I would rather have the flies in there than in our house.
4. Griffin story: in primary there is a little "program" where we do little Missionary Moments. The children get up and tell of little things they do each week to share the gospel. They are not forced to stand up. Only the ones that want to do. On Sunday, Griffin was the first to raise his hand; this is what he told: "well, this week, I saw my dog outside, he looked lonely, so I went out to play with him!" I have now heard from 2 different people that that was their favorite moment of all of Sunday.
5. After doing Sharing time for Primary I have heard of 2 women who have said they would like me to be there mother...hmm, how to I explain this...I think this has something to do with my entertainment value and energetic nature. I was complimented.
6. I bought Kylie a nice, stuffed chair to use in her room so she can have a nice place to read. I got it for $25 from a neighbor.
7. Kylie has finished all her homework for the day.
8. I planned and cooked the chicken for tonight's dinner. It will be chicken almondine. I told the boys this as I was driving them home from school. There comments: "OH, is that the stuff with almonds and the chicken is really white, goopy stuff?" They don't seem to think they will like it. I am still hopeful.


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Christopher, You Are GREAT,