Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just Try Not To Sing!

I have been listening to opera in the car for the last 24 hours. Really, it is all because of Heather, or maybe Steven. Apparently, Steven WON an opera CD from his Humanities class in BYU. The newlyweds just found it and Heather has been listening to it in her car.

Yesterday I had to move Heather's car out of the driveway. In that short drive I also got to enjoy some of that opera; and I did enjoy it!

As part of my "To Do" list, I had to go to the library, so while there I quickly checked out the opera section. I found a CD that is "World's Famous Arias". I got it and have been listening to it ever since.

Yesterday when I picked up Z & Q after school; Carmen was on. Quinn could not help himself but to start to sing along! It is very contagious. I listened as I took kids here and there. This morning as I started the car to take G & K to school (I was late; didn't set my alarm; Kylie woke me up; so I had to drive them), the opera music filled the car.

Griffin scrunched up his face and said, "do we have to listen to that again? Turn it off!"
"Really", I said, I like it; have not had my fill yet.
"Yes, turn it off, I don't like it!"

Silly, silly, children.

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