Thursday, September 30, 2010

Americana at the Brand

We girls had an adventure today! We went to The Americana at the Brand. It is an outside mall - kind of like Main street at Disneyland. Heather did have her camera, but we forgot to take a picture to memorialize the moment. We did see plenty of other picture takers there, but didn't think to ask.
We had a good time looking at this and that. We went in lots of stores but bought hardly anything. Candice did buy a necessity of new, darling pot holders.
We saw a Vera Bradly store; went inside. It was amazing...loud...very Vera. Teo was with us (sorry Teo, I did not put you in the graphic, I remembered too late that you were with us!) and he may have required some water, so the nice lady at Vera Bradly brought out these water bottles and gave us each one! So nice! The water really tasted great.
Ok, I have doddled enough; need to make dinner.
Hope you enjoyed my graphic design.

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Heather said...

yay! so much fun! I can't tell you how many times I have my camera with me and forget to take photos. Typical. Glad we went, and I love my water bottle :)