Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Talk!

I spoke to EVERY ONE of these people today! It was a good day. All happy and doing well! I love you all! I also texted with my DAD on the phone! He is getting pretty good at it. Well, as long as we are talking about texting, I sent a text to 80% of the people in the picture too. Besides talking on the phone and texting, I also did some cleaning today...again. Funny for me, I caught Kerry in an odd moment! He NEVER leaves his "stuff" out, but he did last night! Here are his shoes left under the computer table. He probably left them here while deciding what to do for his ESPN Streak for Cash! It's ok, my sweet Husband, I put them away for you.

Well, while we are speaking of Kerry; this is what he did for fun last night. He tried putting the cat on a leash (really that is his belt). The cat would have NONE of it. He refused to move even though Kerry was giving it a good pull. Stubborn.
We had chicken balls for dinner - good! It's always nice when dinner is good. Kerry then went out to mow the lawn. Z & Q went to the AHS vs. Monrovia football game. Griffin is listening to music; making himself a playlist! That makes him very happy. Kylie is playing at a friend's.
More laundry for me to fold. I'll go do it now.


Christopher said...

That box in the bottom picture was used to box up our stuff when we moved to our house. That's a lot of years of service for a cardboard box.

Christopher said...

In fact, we used that box when I was in 5th grade, and now I'm buying my own house to move into. Maybe I can use that box too.

Zak said...

I did a trick with my plate at dinner, then Dad tried to do it, but he dropped the plate and broke it