Saturday, September 11, 2010

What's On Your Dinner Plate?

Griffin walks home from school by himself.
He does a great job!
I think he feels quite accomplished.
He is usually home by 2:45 or so.

One day he was not home by 2:51...hmmm, I began wondering where was he??
I had to leave to go and pick up Z & Q at high school. I walked to the car and looked down the street where Griffin should have been coming up.

In a moment, I saw him running up to the corner! Hmm, odd, since it has taken him so far 16 minutes to get about 5 blocks. He certainly wasn't running the whole way!

He got over to me and I asked him why he was running.
This was his story:

"When I get to that part, I always hear the leaves moving and it scares me a little because I don't want it to be a spider as big as a dinner plate, so I run at the part."

I hugged and kissed him.

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