Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This Morning

Hmm, Zak's hairstyle is obviously coming from me. It's easy to achieve; just go to bed with wet hair. Wake up and you are ready to go!
This morning's conversation:
Kylie: Mr. V has another rule in class; he does not allow anyone to say shut up.
Mom: that's great! I knew I really liked him. Now, if he would only add the rule of remembering to keep the 3rd commandment!
Kylie: which one is that?
Griffin: remember your words!
Kylie: oh, that's right, don't take the Lord's name in vain.
Oh, they make me proud!! I taught the primary during the first week in September how to remember the 10 commandments. Makes me happy that Griffin remembered that so well! And a THANKS need to go out to Steven & Chase, since they both came home from their missions showing us how to easily remember those commandments.

Ok - now on to past photos....I took these photos Late August/Early September....I was really going to blog about them, but never got around to it. I'll just do it now!

I think I told you about Zak getting a new braces color; one that he didn't really pick; it was a rather bright green color. Well, here is a photo. We all got used to it and kind of liked it. He just went back to the Ortho and got his original color that he really wanted before and while driving home in the car he said he liked his new color, but may like this green color better!
And now, this picture of Quinn...STUDYING/HOMEWORK after his first day of school. What a good example! Notice, he is using his new iTouch. That's makes it a little easier.

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Sharron said...

Julie, I love your posts! You're wonderful!